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OVERKILL – a Starbreeze studio is a blend of industry veterans, freshly graduated specialists and great partners. It’s a veritable melting pot of experience and ambition and a new approach to development that will kill over the traditions.

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Over the years Starbreeze Studios and OVERKILL have developed several games. Please take some time and browse our portfolio.

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PAYDAY2: Hotfix Update 152.1

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What’s good Heisters? We noticed that some of you crash when they try to mark civilians or casually blow up cops with trip mines while wearing the pumpkin mask. Therefore, just in time for the weekend, have a hotfix for yesterday’s update! click "Damn" BOOM,OVERKILL_symN Update size: 35.1 MB Update 152.1 Changelog Fixed a crash when marking civilians Fixed that the HEF grenade was locked for everyone Fixed crash when killing a cop with trip mine while wearing the pumpkin mask Via: Steam Community

PAYDAY 2: Four Year Anniversary

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[www.overkillsoftware.com] Time flies when you’re having fun… or when adrenaline is starting to pump through your veins right in that moment when you put your mask on, ready to get things rolling! We’d like to celebrate this anniversary with all of you! No matter if you are a veteran, rookie or part-time Heister who just wants to make some cash on the sides, we appreciate all of you! But what to gift people that normally just take what they want? Exactly, something unique that they can’t get their hands on….

RAID: World War II Stream LIVE with Ilija Petrusic!

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Chat: Heisters! GET IN HERE! We’re streaming RAID: World War II! https://www.twitch.tv/liongamelion Ilija the Sniper (Co-Founder OVERKILL/ Lead Level Designer PAYDAY: The Heist and PAYDAY 2) is there taking your questions! https://www.twitch.tv/liongamelion Gogogo! Via: Steam Community

PAYDAY 2 Spiritual Successor RAID: World War II Launch Dates Revealed! Dev Stream TONIGHT!

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Heisters! The RAID: World War Launch Dates Have Been Revealed! COMING TO CONSOLESNORTH AMERICA – OCTOBER 10THEUROPE – OCTOBER 13TH COMING TO STEAMWORLDWIDE – SEPTEMBER 26TH Mark the dates! RAID: World War II Developer Stream Tonight! Hey heisters, We are back from vacation! We’re back making more content for PAYDAY 2, working on OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead, Crossfire Co-Op, PAYDAY 3… so many things to do. The first thing I did was to fly straight to Seattle to meet with Valve and talk about our upcoming game RAID: World War…

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