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OVERKILL – a Starbreeze studio is a blend of industry veterans, freshly graduated specialists and great partners. It’s a veritable melting pot of experience and ambition and a new approach to development that will kill over the traditions.

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Over the years Starbreeze Studios and OVERKILL have developed several games. Please take some time and browse our portfolio.

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Trump and God Emperor masks added and MORE!

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A lil somethin somethin: HEISTERS! Three things, ok well four: 1) We now have a Trump mask in-game called the 45th and a mega version called the ‘God Emperor’ – for free. It’s the best masks, absolutely fantastic, you wouldn’t believe. Go check them out. http://steamcommunity.com/games/218620/announcements/detail/566721180507399185 2) Hoxton and Clover masks are now available for purchase in our merchandise store! http://store.overkillsoftware.com/ 3) the fourth annual holiday heist is live! Go check it out! http://www.overkillsoftware.com/games/xmas2016/ AND 4) – Sydney (Georgia Van Cuylenburg) swam for charity and gathered over 30000 dollars together…


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Heisters! Friday means hotfix, Beta and headshots From now on we are releasing Betas on firdays since we want to minimize the risks we have by releasing beta and other releases at the same time. We hope you wil have a nice weekend! Overkill_Joakim & Overkill_Hampus Hotfix 21.2MB Fixed an issue where enemies could sometimes walk through a wall near the Tech Store The mall announcer now stops talking after the dome has been blown up Added collision in the Tech Store to prevent the player or bags from getting…

OVERKILL Steals Xmas

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Join OVERKILL_Jules, OVERKILL_Erik and OVERKILL_Anna as they together with lead level designer OVERKILL_Vivi playing the latest Vlad heist Stealing Xmas. We will be playing the heist in the latest version on the Beta branch that will go live on steam in later today. https://www.twitch.tv/starbreeze Via: Steam Community

PAYDAY 2: Update 126 is live! Xmas Heist!

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[www.overkillsoftware.com] Heisters! Everybody knows that the best PAYDAY of the year is Xmas, and for everybody who dodges the rules and the law; Xmas comes early. Stealing Xmas Vlad gave his brother-in-law a second chance and had him transport some coke from one place to another. But the cops caught wind of the drunk bastard so he had to run and hide. In a moment of drunken madness he stashed it in boxes in a warehouse and then dressed himself up as Santa. The mall cops found him passed out…

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