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OVERKILL – a Starbreeze studio is a blend of industry veterans, freshly graduated specialists and great partners. It’s a veritable melting pot of experience and ambition and a new approach to development that will kill over the traditions.

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Over the years Starbreeze Studios and OVERKILL have developed several games. Please take some time and browse our portfolio.

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PAYDAY 2: Spring Break 2018

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Spring Break starts at 17:00 CEST on April 23rd and continues until April 29th. Enough sun, pool parties, and alcohol - it's heisting time!Spring Break 2018This years Spring Break will be 7 Days filled with content, competitions, and surprises. During the whole event, we will have a 75% discount on the base game, our Ultimate Edition Bundle, and PAYDAY: The Heist. We will also activate Free-to-Play on the base game during the time of the event, so gather your gang - there is no more excuse!PAYDAY 2 will also take…

PAYDAY 2 Update 4118 and Animated Series

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Important meeting: Did you miss our latest update? If so, go here to learn all about it: https://steamcommunity.com/games/218620/announcements/detail/1667895765828358017 Make sure you read the change log, we fixed many bugs, including removing a bug where the community would sometimes state that the game is dying, removing Doctor Bags from Dallas, sending Jimmy to Rehab and more. PAYDAY: The Animated series now available for purchase here: http://www.overkillsoftware.com/games/animatedseries/ Watch the PAYDAY: The Animated series trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJr6K9NVuQw Have a great weekend and enjoy the rest of April... ;) Via: Steam Community

PAYDAY: The Animated Series – Pre-Order

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We NOW bring you the latest and greatest in Heisting Entertainment. The PAYDAY Gang comes to VHS and Betamax. For a low price, you won’t believe, you can be the proud owner of the Ultimate Collection of Quality Home Entertainment. Join the PAYDAY crew on their wild and crazy adventures across the underworld of Washington D.C.! 10 episodes across 4 tapes. Experience the fun of robbery and meth cooking; you too can be a heister!Order Now!All orders of PAYDAY: The Animated Series will come with a secret gift.Get Yours Today!Buy…

PAYDAY 2: Hoxfix 175.1

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In the build released some hours ago, there was a crash when using any melee weapon. We jumped into action to get you a hotfix.It’s Still Heisting Time.OVERKILL_TobiasOVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.Update 175.1 ChangelogUpdate size: 16.2 MBGeneral Fixed a crash when using a melee weapon with certain skills Via: Steam Community

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