Rob Banks Together

PAYDAY 2 is all about teamwork. Get some friends together or just join an online game, either way you’ll be part of a crew where each player counts, each weapon pick can be crucial and being a team player is vital if you want to get rich.

Everyone Starts Somewhere

You start of small, with a minor arsenal and a few masks. But the world’s banks and safes are yours to grab and as you climb the criminal ladder, your arsenal will expand. You’ll earn more money and soon you won’t be at the bottom anymore - soon enough you’ll reach the Infamy Rank in-game. Then you’ll earn the respect a bank robber of your stature deserved. Remember that every dollar counts.

From Gun to Minigun

PAYDAY 2 is strongly supported by the developers. With over 140 updates, PAYDAY 2 is a game that is treated with respect and experience. The Ultimate Edition includes over 150 weapons, 15 characters, 250 masks and 50 heists. The game is continuously improved as we work together with the community and make sure that PAYDAY 2 gets taken cared of properly.

Ethan and Hila

Going forward, the only DLC that will be available separately is the Ethan and Hila Character Pack. The subsequent revenue from the Ethan and Hila Character Pack is going straight to Ethan and Hila Klein of H3h3 Productions.

Ultimate Edition FAQ:

  • Why are you doing this? We want to treat our players who have supported us through the years by making all future DLC free. PAYDAY 2 was released in 2013 and has since its launch received more than 144 updates and has gone through numerous changes based on community feedback. As developers, we have not always made the right decisions, but our community has stood by us through thick and thin. To honor our community’s support, all future content will be released for free for anyone who owns PAYDAY 2. In order to consolidate all the content and ensure the best experience for our players - both new and old - PAYDAY 2 is evolving into its final form - PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition, combining the base game with all of the 140+ updates we’ve made.
  • Where is all DLC? Gone! Previous DLC is now part of the Ultimate Edition.
  • How much will it cost to upgrade my PAYDAY 2 game to the Ultimate Edition if I haven’t bought all DLC before June 8th? The price to upgrade will depend on how several factors - to see how much it will cost you, visit the store page while logged into Steam.
  • How much will PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition cost? PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition will cost $45. Discounts are automatically applied to anyone who already owns PAYDAY 2 and any DLC.
  • So I’m not going to be able to pick what DLC I want? No. Any DLC that was previously available for purchase can be acquired by upgrading to the PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition.
  • Do I have to buy all DLC I don’t have to get free content updates in the future? No. You don’t have to upgrade to the Ultimate Edition, but you still will get new free content.
  • Are you not supporting PAYDAY 2 anymore - is this the end of PAYDAY 2? No it’s not, we’ve actually decided to support PAYDAY 2 even longer than originally planned. Previously we announced that we were going to stop at the end of 2017. But now we’ve extended development until October 2018.
  • Isn’t The Ultimate Edition way more expensive than just buying each DLC separately? No it’s not. If you bought the game and all DLC seperately, it’s much more expensive than buying the Ultimate Edition.
  • What about Console updates? The PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition is a Steam bundle. Console players will receive more news as additional content is made available for them. More content is currently in development for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. PAYDAY 2 is also in development for Nintendo Switch.
  • Why is the Ethan and Hila Character Pack separately available, and why is the Completely OVERKILL Pack not included in the Ultimate Edition? We are doing this because we appreciate Ethan and Hila and want to find a way to help them out financially so they can continue to do what they do best as independent creators. We’ll be selling The Ethan and Hila Character Pack for $4.99, and the subsequent revenue from the Ethan and Hila Character Pack is going straight to Ethan and Hila themselves, and we at OVERKILL get 0%. We understand, respect and appreciate the privileged situation our community has helped us create as independent game developers. We want to help Ethan and Hila to do the same, just like we want to help other independent game developers get their games out the door while having them retain their own IP. Independent creators matter and we, the PAYDAY community, one of the largest communities online, needs to do our part.

    The Ethan and Hila Character Pack is now available. Click for more information.

    The Completely OVERKILL Pack will not be available because it was a timed exclusive, only available at one point in time. We will continue to honor and respect the investment the players that supported us at the time did by never introducing it again.
  • Is there a secret motive behind these actions we're not being told? There were two motives behind this: the first is to say Thank You to all our current players who have purchased the base game and any DLC by offering an opportunity to buy the remaining content for an all-time high discount of 85%. The second motive is to try something new - only when we dare to do something different, we offer ourselves an opportunity to learn more. If the community reacts positively to the changes we make, we have succeeded. If the general community sentiment is negative we have failed. If we fail, we will investigate why and try our best to amend that mistake. We have the privilege of having a community that supports us because they understand that we sometimes will need to try new things. So thank you again to our community for supporting us.
  • I have additional questions - where can I get answers? Additional questions and answers will be added as they appear in the forums. Further questions can be asked in our community where OVERKILL developers, community moderators and other heisters will be able to answer.