• Hoxton says:

    Looks cool, payday2 with future (Minus the ton of dlc?)

    • Houston says:

      I agree

      • 0live2 says:

        i was a huge fan of all the free dlc overkill released for payday 2, and i decided to buy the paid dlc as well, i don’t see why not have atleast free dlc in all games

        • Chains squared says:

          I agree with 0live2. I think Overkill was fair with the DLC releases along with the freebies. Try the COD, Saints Row, or Borderlands series…. They made a bigger paycheck on all the cash tossers the most.

          • Kohl Baas says:

            And how many games allows you to play the paid DLC maps without buying them? In payday You can simply join someone who hosted a game on that map and there you go.

            There is no money I spare from Overkill since I’ve find out they were GRIN back in the old days. Still have Ballistics and Bandits:Phoenix Rising on the shelf right behind me.

    • Nope says:

      PD2 did have alot of DLC. That are optional and do not need to be bought unless the buyer would like to buy this DLC.
      Just wanting to clarify.

    • Jacket says:

      don’t think that will be happening probably its ganno have 2000 dlcs

    • hates ovk DLC says:

      um they are killing it with DLC so they will rape the wallet

    • Dragan says:

      Yup mate!

  • Robattaz says:

    This will be awesome !!!

  • Alex says:

    Release 2017? Lol I wouldn’t even bring it up to the public you are working on it if you are still that early in development

  • steelwolf says:

    if it is like payday2 ind the future. then it well properly blast Destiny out of the water

  • Dallas says:

    It looks pretty cool, but I think it needs more banks.

  • Warlok says:

    No pagers!!

    (much rejoicing, revelry)

    Honestly, I can`t wait for a concurrent co-op experience to armed robbery. The latter is great, but a different theme would do great things for variety`s sake.

  • PazuR says:

    I love all your games Oveerkiiilll!!!. I will never forget best coop times with my friends in Syndicate (no chat system kills community) and Payday 2 (perfect game for coop lovers). You are my number One!

  • Neodrink says:

    […] od stycznia w TVP Historia – Overkill ogłasza wsparcie Payday 2 do 2016 roku.W 2017 nowy coop w klimatach Sci-Fi Storm – Xbox One – odblokowano siódmy rdzeń procesora – Dwie lewe ręce – […]

  • zaltog says:

    this seems to be something i really whould want to play here is some things that makes it a good game: its f**ing OVERKILL for the first the second its sci fi and like space which ppl are reallly into at the moment so thats good. but i dont want to leave payday 2 :c

  • boneknocker says:

    is this game inspired from DUNE or Wind Walker ?

    but…….bahhh….2017 still too far away.

  • Bain says:

    Guys, the thermal drill, go get it.

  • Axel says:

    You know, I watched some Payday 2 and thought I’d like it, then found out I did like it.
    I hope this is exactly the same way. 2017 is worth waiting for, especially since that’ll be one of the most free years for me.

  • The guy who screwed Hoxton says:

    Well, overkill is one of my favorite game developers NO QUESTION! And now that they’re making a game that’s in one of my favorite genres is absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!

  • PazuR says:

    Payday 2, Syndicate, Rainbow Six Vegas 2. Best coop games ever.

  • Pablo says:

    Hope there is character customization, something I wished there was in Payday 2 besides the masks…

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