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Bank Shootout

The entry deadline for competition scores has now passed! You can still play the Bank Shootout for fun though!

Shoot ENEMY targets to increase your bounty and gain extra time, but shooting a HEISTER will cost you time and points.


Bank Shootout


Your bounty this attempt was: $

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Bank Shootout


You will need to upgrade your browser in order to play the Bank Shootout.

Please download one of the following browsers:

• Internet Explorer 10+

• Mozilla Firefox

• Google Chrome

• Opera

Bank Shootout


THE BANK SHOOTOUT contest start on April 30 18:00hrs GMT +1 and ends at May 4 18:00hrs GMT +1.

Each of the top 30 High scores will be rewarded with a code will give access to download:
PAYDAY 2 GOTY Edition + The Butcher's Western Pack

In order to participate, the user must post their score in Facebook in public status using the hashtag #PAYDAY2Western.

When submitting your email address, it will not be sold onto 3rd parties and will only be used to contact you if you are the winner.

When Posting to Facebook, we will be given access to your Real Name and User ID (And Email Address if given permission).This is so we can contact winner once the competition is over.

The winners will be announced on May 7 18:00hrs GMT+1 on http://www.overkillsoftware.com/games/butcherswesternpack/ and they will be contacted via facebook by The OVERKILL Stuff.

Consider that The bank Shootout contains Google Analytics, so we will be able to track how many people play the game and for how long!