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Spring Break 2015

Welcome to Spring Break!

By Steam Community

Spring Break is here!

Between 13-21 March we will host the Spring Break event where we give away all the free stuff that was unlocked during the Hype Train event. Just like during the Crimefest event last year, one new …

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Free Weekend is LIVE!

By Steam Community


I’m back from my little trip in the states! What better timing then to introduce the last part of the sale!? With a FREE WEEKEND!?

Last Day For the Completely OVERKILL Pack!

For those of you who missed it …

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Infamy 2.0 hypesite is live!

By Steam Community

Dear crooks and thieves, burglars and hitmen, heisters and infiltrators,

So you’ve gained Infamy level V. An impressive feat, no doubt.

But, while dipping your toes into the first levels of Infamy is impressive, they are just that – the …

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