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A feast of quotes

By 2011-06-16October 2nd, 2023PAYDAY: The Heist

Co-optimus, a website focused solely on co-operative gaming (subsequently they have a great audience of co-op gamers), came by our booth at E3, and we really wanted them to see all our efforts to to make Payday the perfect co-op game. Now their preview is up, and we’re happy to see that they loved the game! Here’s a quote:

“…I didn’t know then, but I was about to play one of the best co-op games at E3.” /Andrew Gaskill of Co-optimus


Co-optimus nomination
Co-optimus also gave us this pretty nomination for best co-cop game of the show.

Here are a few snippets from other publications who played and previewed Payday at E3:

“FUCK YEAH (…) It’s sweary, it’s bold and it will make your heart race like few other FPS titles I can think of. (…) Hours after playing it, I’m still thinking: ‘Wow.’ I’m starting to believe that it’s really superb.” /Tim Edwards of PC Gamer

“I can’t get over how well-crafted Payday is. (…) It’s the most challenging and fun cooperative experience I’ve had this year and I can’t wait for the title to drop.” /Conrad Zimmerman of Destructoid

“Payday stands tall as a strong and original IP that is definitely worth a look.” /Chris Holt of GamePro

“The game was incredibly fun and was definitely one of the highlights for me at E3.” /Ian Fisher of Shogun Gamer

“With its multi-objective missions, rank system, and in-depth mechanics the game shows a ton of promise for FPS fans” /Josh Garibay of Just Push Start

“Does it have any replay value? Very much so.” /B. de la Durantaye of Ten Ton Hammer

“I was playing the game and marveling at how ‘right’ everything was feeling” /Shanghai Six of Front Towards Gamer

“The demo itself was solid from start-to-finish, thanks in part to a fine control scheme, solid graphics and challenging gameplay.” /King Baby Duck of Boston Bastard Brigade

“Perhaps one of the most unique titles on the E3 show floor.” /Godzillarex of Mahalo Gaming

“Incredibly fun.” /Layton Shumway of Bit Mob

“Payday: The Heist, is a fantastic joining of some of the best employed shooter hooks since CounterStrike (…) With team based play, fun objectives, and a smart AI, it’s a fantastically smart shooter.” /Joseph Christ of 4playerpodcast

“If you are a fan of heist films then this is the closest experience you can have to it” /Fernando Caire of Nerd Reactor

“There isn’t anything quite like it at the show this year.” /Thomas Wilde of Worth Playing

“I’m calling Payday: The Heist the E3 2011 show stealer as far as surprise hit is concerned.” /Justin McCullough of Loot Ninja

“A very interesting take on the cooperative shooter. More importantly, it’s ridiculously fun.” /Josh Wirtanen of Cheat Code Central

“I had no expectations (…) Playing a single level on the show floor made me a believer, though.” /Adam Biessener of GameInformer

“All in all, I was very surprised by how fun PAYDAY was (…) definitely a game to look out for.” /Colin Tan of Gaming Union

“This looks completely awesome.” /Matt Joseph of We Got This Covered

“One of the most promising games of the show” /Justin Towell of GamesRadar UK

“Amongst our heated arguments over what games deserved ‘Game of Show’ honors this past week at E3, one game kept getting a mention: Payday: The Heist.” /Carlos Macias of gamrReview

“A surprisingly deep co-op shooter, a game that respects both its heist movie influences and the complicated tangles of co-op multiplayer gameplay.” /Mike Schramm of Joystiq

“Months of planning or go in guns blazing? The choice is yours as you execute the perfect bank heist.” /Kurtis Seid of GameSpot

“The bottom line? Payday is the best downloadable title I’ve ever seen or played.” /Sean of Gaming Nexus

Thank you guys for playing – your words keep us goin’!