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The E3 awards keep on coming!

By 2011-06-15October 2nd, 2023PAYDAY: The Heist

Two more noteworthy E3 nominations have appeared on the internet – and as humble as we wish we could be, we’re still here just to tell the world.

First off, there’s FPS Guru, a website focusing entirely on FPS games. They have a slew of different “Best of E3” categories such as “Best concept” and “Best multiplayer”, all exclusively reserved for FPS games. Payday won the category “Most innovative”. Here’s a snippet from the motivation:

“It’s a pretty simple idea in some respects, but when you play the thing it becomes apparent that this is an idea we should have seen long ago.  It’s very dynamic and re-playable with deep and varied skill trees for each player.”

Secondly, there’s Gamers Daily News who listed the top three games from E3 2011, and Payday snatched the top position! The author of the article, Christophor Rick, missed a meeting because he was so hooked on playing Payday in our E3 booth – that’s a statement right there, regarding the quality of the game!


FPS Guru "most innovative" award

The FPS Guru award was so pretty we just had to put it up here!