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A feast of quotes #2

By 2011-08-26October 2nd, 2023PAYDAY: The Heist

GamesCom ended this past weekend and gaming press were given the chance to play both the 1st World Bank robbery and the Diamond Heist on PC and PS3 – and it was glorious!

We had development team members on the show floor demoing the game for visitors, and Ulf and Simon tag teaming journalists in SOE’s press booth – rumor has it they did 90 interviews/demos between the two of them!

Now, fresh previews of the game are starting to trickle onto the web. Here are a few links together with our favorite quotes:

“PayDay: The Heist is a classic idea, clinically polished.” /Daniel Griliopoulos of GameSpy

“…we came with a basic knowledge of the game but with no particularly big expectations for it. We soon realised that this game is a definite hit” /Jessica of GameGrin

“Payday: The Heist is a surprisingly deep co-op shooter that’s sure to garner a dedicated following online.” /Mark Langshaw of Digital Spy

“I’ve had a blast with the game both this morning in Germany and at E3 a few months ago // I played it with an OverKill developer at the show, and was impressed all over again with the co-op shooter’s mechanics and style.” /Adam Biessener of GameInformer

“When members of our team inevitably succumbed to opposing gunfire they were downed, requiring other members of the team to revive them. These heroic stand-off moments proved a real highlight and were extremely tense, (…) it was easy to feel that these kinds of moments (were) orchestrated by Michael Mann himself.” /Andy Griffiths of GamerZines

“I can safely say this is the best heist game I’ve played in recent years. It’s what Kane and Lynch could only dream of.” /Anthony O’Sullivan of Bone Idle

This one’s really from ComiCon but we haven’t posted it before so we’ll still include it here:

“I can officially say I’m extremely excited for this game that is basically all the best scenes from movies like Point Break, Heat and other classic heist films” /Phil Hornshaw of GameFront

Last but not least we got this video interview with Simon for the PlayStation blog.