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Payday PC gone GOLD!

By 2011-10-20October 2nd, 2023PAYDAY: The Heist
Hey PC crew!

Bo Andersson here – Executive Producer at OVERKILL on PAYDAY.

I just got off the phone with SOE and we are GOLD. I came right here first –
no press release, as it is past 2 AM here in Sweden. SOE will put one out
online tomorrow. It is real though.

The game is being prepared for distribution on Steam servers now.

This means the game is scheduled to go live on Steam tomorrow morning, 10:00
AM PACIFIC time - the 20th of October 2011.

For the last bit we nailed some more Steam features such as stats (Steam is
working their part on this – it is real cool stuff), leaderboards, animation
upgrades and we made OVERKILL real insane for mouse and keyboard pros.

I know and hear many passionate gamers ask for release date and now we know
– all tested done and ready for you!

Now let see what crew of 4 beats Slaughterhouse on OVERKILL first (it has
never been done)

Thank you for hanging in there!