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Payday (PC) patch 6 change log

By 2012-04-11October 2nd, 2023PAYDAY: The Heist

PC patch 6 is finally here, and we’re bringing out the big guns on this one! We bring a whole new set of bug fixes, random events, masks and even more stuff… what do you say about an entirely new difficulty setting and new challenges/Steam achievements? Yeah, and this stuff isn’t even the DLC, which will contain even more stuff that is even more awesome!

Here is the complete change log for PC patch 6:

  • NEW DIFFICULTY For the PAYDAY fans that think the action is the juice, we now introduce a new difficulty setting called OVERKILL 145+. It can only be played if you have reached level 145 and opens up the possibility for new achievements as well as the OVERKILL 145+ leaderboards!
  • NEW RANDOM EVENTS All the heists now have new events that will surprise and challenge you like never before.
    • FIRST WORLD BANK: New OVERKILL 145+ events
    • STREET: New OVERKILL 145+ events
    • PANIC ROOM: New OVERKILL 145+ events
    • GREEN BRIDGE: New OVERKILL 145+ events
    • DIAMOND HEIST: New OVERKILL 145+ events
    • SLAUGHTERHOUSE: New OVERKILL 145+ events
  • NEW ACHIEVEMENTS The patch includes eight new achievements for Steam.
    • FOUR MORE YEARS: Awarded for reaching reputation level 145. Along with the achievement, players are also rewarded with the presidential mask set!
    • BANK ON ME: Awarded for beating FIRST WORLD BANK on the OVERKILL 145+ difficulty setting.
    • HILLS STREET BLUES: Awarded for beating HEAT STREET on the OVERKILL 145+ difficulty setting.
    • BRUSH WITH DEATH: Awarded for beating PANIC ROOM on the OVERKILL 145+ difficulty setting.
    • BEAT THE SHIELD: Awarded for beating GREEN BRIDGE on the OVERKILL 145+ difficulty setting.
    • BAD CODE: Awarded for beating DIAMOND HEIST on the OVERKILL 145+ difficulty setting.
    • LOTS OF PIGS, BUT NO PIGS: Awarded for beating SLAUGHTERHOUSE on the OVERKILL 145+ difficulty setting.
    • YOU ARE GOLDEN! Awarded for beating all six original heists on the OVERKILL 145+ difficulty setting. Along with the achievement, players are also rewarded with the golden 145+ mask. Overkill salutes you!
    • Players who reach reputation level 145 (and get the FOUR MORE YEARS achievement) are awarded with the presidential mask set.
    • Players who beat all heists on the new OVERKILL 145+ difficulty setting (and get the YOU ARE GOLDEN! achievement) are awarded with the golden 145+ mask – the most fashionable way to show others that you are a true career criminal!
  • NEW OPTION By popular demand, players can now set their FOV (field of view) ranging from 60 to 100. Simply go to the Advanced Graphics Menu to make the change.
  • HALL OF FAME 200 dedicated career criminals are in for a surprise! As a token of appreciation to our community, 200 of the most dedicated PC players have gotten their nick names immortalized in the PC version of the game. Where could your name be hiding?
  • WORLDWIDE SUCCESS RATE Payday players can now view statistics on how large a percentage of players in the world have completed the different heists on all difficulties. Access this information in the Select Heist Menu.
  • NEW CHARACTER ANIMATIONS The law enforcers can now move like never before! Expect the unexpected! Also, the party goers in DIAMOND HEIST have new dance moves.
  • HUD UPDATE Players can now see the name of the character they are currently playing in the portrait window while in-game.
  • NEW MUSIC The DJ at the party in DIAMOND HEIST has a nice playlist.
    • Added a fix for those who experience lag after a successful heist.
    • Collision fixes on all levels.
    • Added separate mouse sensitivity for aiming and looking. Added an optional check box for mouse sensitivity (PC only).
    • Added a fix for AI movement in DIAMOND HEIST.
    • Added a fix for the glitch where the enemy could not see you in SLAUGHTERHOUSE.
    • Added a fix for LOD (level of detail) steps on several heists.
    • Added a fix for the big red diamond abuse in DIAMOND HEIST.
    • Added a fix for crashes when leaving multiplayer.
    • Added fixes for several rare crashes.
    • Added a fix for the Cloaker who would not attack players.
    • Added a fix for the Cloaker who would do range attacks on players.
    • Added a fix for brightness control which previously didn’t always work properly.
    • Added a fix for snipers that would shoot through the building walls in PANIC ROOM.
    • Added a fix for the Taser, who now has a longer interval before he starts to tase again after being interrupted.
    • The shotguns now have new – more realistic – reload animations, in which the weapon isn’t cocked unless it’s needed.
    • Graphical updates on some heists. New events have caused us to make certain graphical improvements, changing the layout of several environments.

That’s all for now – enjoy!