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Payday (PS3) patch 1.02 change log

By 2012-04-11October 2nd, 2023PAYDAY: The Heist

PS3 patch 1.02 contains all the updates from PC patch 2-6 that make sense to add on PS3 as well (PC patch 2-5 specifically contained a lot of fixes that were only related to PC exclusive bugs). So, with this patch the PS3 version of Payday completely “catches up” with the PC version of the game.

Despite all the new candy in this update, remember that this isn’t the DLC we’ve been talking about. No, the DLC will contain even more stuff that will be even more awesome! New heists (complete with new scenarios, new settings, new music and all), new weapons and equipment, raised level cap, and more! But we digress… Anywho, here’s the PS3 patch 1.02 change log:



  • New difficulty! For the PAYDAY fans that think the action is the juice, we now introduce a new difficulty setting called OVERKILL 145+. It can only be played if you have reached reputation level 145.
  • New challenges! The patch includes eight new challenges
    • FOUR MORE YEARS: Reach reputation level 145. When completing this challenge, you are also rewarded with the presidential mask set!
    • BANK ON ME: Beat FIRST WORLD BANK on the OVERKILL 145+ difficulty setting
    • HILLS STREET BLUES: Beat HEAT STREET on the OVERKILL 145+ difficulty setting
    • BRUSH WITH DEATH: Beat PANIC ROOM on the OVERKILL 145+ difficulty setting
    • BEAT THE SHIELD: Beat GREEN BRIDGE on the OVERKILL 145+ difficulty setting
    • BAD CODE: Beat DIAMOND HEIST on the OVERKILL 145+ difficulty setting
    • LOTS OF PIGS, BUT NO PIGS: Beat SLAUGHTERHOUSE on the OVERKILL 145+ difficulty setting
    • YOU ARE GOLDEN! Beat all six original heists on the OVERKILL 145+ difficulty setting. When completing this challenge, you are also rewarded with the golden 145+ mask. Overkill salutes you!
  • Slaughterhouse and Diamond Heist are now available in the Normal difficulty setting



  • New law enforcement tactics on all heists!
  • New random events on all the heists on all difficulty settings (including the new Overkill 145+ difficulty setting) which will surprise and challenge you like never before!
  • Improved AI algorithms to allow AI to make smarter and faster decisions
    • Team and enemies now pick better cover and firing positions, and use more intelligent firing lanes for suppression and sniping
    • Enemy AI move in tighter formations and coordinate better
    • Team AI now keeps up with human players much better
    • AI teammates now pick weapons that better suit the current combat situation
  • Enemies now master additional acrobatic moves (such as dashes and slides) and they can fire at you while doing them!
  • More cover moves for both team AI and enemies
  • Optimized AI behavior to make enemy AI pause less when traveling long distances
  • Smoother turn and aim on team AI and reduced animation glitches on general movement
  • Team AI no longer has “ants in the pants” (they don’t move around so much) when there are no enemies around



  • Added the BEEEF masks – a set of four masks with designs inspired by four popular FPS games. Guess which ones!
  • Added the presidential masks. If you reach reputation level 145 (and beat the FOUR MORE YEARS challenge) you are awarded with the presidential mask set!
  • Added the golden 145+ masks. If you beat all heists on the new OVERKILL 145+ difficulty setting (and beat the YOU ARE GOLDEN! challenge) you are awarded with the golden 145+ mask – the most fashionable way to show other players that you are a true career criminal!



  • New and improved blood, gunfire and explosion effects
  • Explosions affect the player camera (camera shake)
  • Graphical updates on some heists. New events have caused us to make certain graphical improvements, changing the layout of several environments
  • The shotguns now have new – more realistic – reload animations, in which the weapon isn’t cocked unless it’s needed
  • Better looking recoil animations on team and enemy weapons
  • The party goers in DIAMOND HEIST have new dance moves (ah, ah, yeah, pump it up!)



  • Fixed several rare random crashes
  • The legendary über killer sniper has been removed from Heat Street
  • Fixed the drill that kept resetting to full time for some people
  • Chains is no longer replaced by Wolf on rare trade occasions
  • In Panic Room, Bain will now correctly call the equipment “saws” instead of “drills”
  • Sounds (e.g. SWAT rappel sounds) will no longer get stuck in loops
  • All sounds are now connected to the sound sliders in the audio options menu
  • Fix for Bulldozer trying to do acrobatics such as jump over tables and crashing the game in the First World Bank
  • Fix for drop-in disabling some interactions for the dropped in clients on Slaughterhouse
  • Added a fix for those who experience lag after a successful heist
  • Collision fixes on all heists
  • Added a fix for AI movement in Diamond Heist
  • Added a fix for the big red diamond abuse in Diamond Heist
  • Added a fix for the glitch where the enemy could not see you in Slaughterhouse
  • Added a fix for the Cloaker who would not attack players
  • Added a fix for the Cloaker who would do range attacks on players
  • Added a fix for snipers that would shoot through the building walls in Panic Room



  • Made team AI more aggressive and agile
  • Enemy AI tweaked to make combat more mid-ranged
  • Single Player has improved scenario and difficulty balancing
  • All weapons now have alert ranges, unique for each weapon
  • Added more money bundles to First World Bank
  • Tweaked the Taser behavior, so that he now has a longer interval before he starts to tase again after being interrupted
  • Increased the difficulty of the Hard and Overkill difficulty settings by tweaking some AI group logic
  • New damage from explosions



  • Improved network code, reducing overall lag
  • Increased performance for even higher frame rate
  • Added ability for players to drop-in mid-game
  • Added ability to filter servers by difficulty
  • Added ability to pause single player games
  • Possible for server to set a reputation limit for the server: Players with a reputation level lower than the set value will not be able to join
  • Possible for server to allow/refuse mid-game drop-in, as well as the ability for the server to change permission, reputation limit and allow/refuse mid-game drop-in in the in-game menu
  • New patch system to reduce size of patches (patch 1.02 would have been about 800 Mb larger without this feature)
  • Improved team voice audibility



  • You can now see the cash value of the “near completion challenges” in the SELECT screen
  • Payday players can now view statistics on how large a percentage of players in the world have completed the different heists on all difficulties. Access this information in the “Select Heist” menu
  • HUD update: Players can now see the name of the character they are currently playing in the portrait window while in-game
  • The DJ at the party in DIAMOND HEIST has a nice, new playlist
  • Added big-ass tooth brush to Panic Room

That’s all for you – enjoy!