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The Mercy Hospital heist is out! Play it for free if you own the game.

By 2012-07-25October 2nd, 2023PAYDAY: The Heist

Our work of fan fiction has now reached its’ fruition. This infectious heist can no longer be contained, we are expelling it from the office.

In a unique collaboration, we will bring you Mercy Hospital, the newest heist for our players in the PAYDAY: The Heist.

Set in the Mercy Hospital, the gang is on a quest for blood. The source is carrying some kind of rare virus that has potential buyers on the outside. Get in, get the blood samples, get out. Don’t worry – spilling some of the blood can’t be the end of the world…

This heist will be free for all PC Steam users that own PAYDAY: The Heist and will be automatically added to your list of Heists in-game with the latest update. We have also added new masks and a new theme based on our infected friends.

Get ready to get back into PAYDAY!

Until death do us part, please check the trailer and the screenshots from the new heist.