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PAYDAY: The Heist turns one year old!

By 2012-10-18October 2nd, 2023PAYDAY: The Heist

On October the 20th PAYDAY™ The Heist has been out for 1 year! During the year we have robbed banks, run away from the cops, been ambushed by thugs, saved inmates, dropped CFO’s from sky-high, disrupted money transports, stolen blood, interrupted pool parties and interrogated taxmen with gloves of silk. More than 700,000 ordinary citizens have donned their masks and started climbing the ladder to become master career criminals.


To commemorate this great day we will give our community a real payday. During October 18th-22nd we are hosting another Play-for-Free weekend on Steam, where players will be able to play PAYDAY™ The Heist for free for the full weekend. In connection with the anniversary, the mask ideas of the community have haunted us. We are releasing spooky anniversary masks for all our players – for free.


If you like PAYDAY™ The Heist but haven’t bought it yet – now’s your chance. A special 1 year anniversary Steam deal will be available for 75% off – a complete steal. The following items in the PAYDAY™ franchise will be available at the 75% sale between October 18th-22nd:
• PAYDAY™ The Heist
• PAYDAY™ The Heist Wolfpack DLC


To the right: Simon Viklund, the PAYDAY Music Composer. To the left: Ilija Petrusic, Lead Level Designer of OVERKILL Software.

For those of you who like to rock, we also release the much-awaited PAYDAY™ The Heist Game Soundtrack on Steam for €5 and for 5$ respectively. The PAYDAY™ The Heist Game Soundtrack contains the following:


• All 17 tracks in high quality MP3 format
• All 17 tracks in superior quality Wave format
• All 17 tracks without sound effects in both MP3 and Wave format
Exclusively for the Steam buyers, an all-new Venetian mask pack – if you have both PAYDAY and its soundtrack on your Steam account you get four new and unique in-game masks!
Exclusively for the buyers, a package of PAYDAY themed answering machine messages, ring tones and text message signals!
• Music remix material so that you can make your own remixes of select PAYDAY tracks!


“We are happy to see that PAYDAY™ The Heist has turned one year old. It’s been an incredible journey that we have done together as a team, with our fans and the community. We are looking forward to continue making the PAYDAY™ franchise the number one-stop for people that want to rob banks together with their friends.”

– Bo Andersson, COO Starbreeze Studios AB.


We would also like to thank Vyse from clan =THT= for hosting a PAYDAY™ The Heist Charity event earlier this year.
Last but not least, we at OVERKILL Software want to thank our community that has been with us on this great adventure. Thank you all – we salute you.


See you at the Safe House!


OVERKILL Software – A Starbreeze Studio