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Update 52 is live!

By 2015-01-22PAYDAY 2

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Together with our dear friends in Croatia, we’re live with Update 52, the Bomb heists and the Dragan Character Pack!

Buy the Bomb Heists here!

Buy the Dragan Character Pack here!

Update 52 changelog

Update size: 2.1 GB

  • Fixed an issue with the character pose in the main menu while weilding a sniper rifle
  • Fixed an issue with the Gunslinger skill; it will now display its values properly as 15 damage instead of 50%
  • Updated the Credits section with Lion Game Lion among others
The Bomb Heists
  • Introducing the Butcher, our newest contact
  • Introducing Pre-planning to the heists so you can perform the perfect crime
  • A new heist, the Bomb: Forest heist
  • A new heist, the Bomb: Dockyard heist
  • The LEO pistol, a new secondary pistol
  • Introducing a new song, titled “Searchlights”
  • 4 new masks – The Butcher From Hell, Lady Butcher, The Doctor and Tech Lion
  • 4 new patterns
  • 4 new materials
  • 11 new achievements
Dragan Character Pack
  • Dragan, a new playable character
  • The Infiltrator perk deck
  • The Lion’s Roar, a new primary assault rifle
  • Dragan’s Cleaver, a new melee weapon
  • Dragan’s mask and Dragan Begins

The Hoxhud developers have made an update to Hoxhud recently that makes it work with the new update. Please make sure you have the absolute latest update of Hoxhud. If the game for some reason would crash, please follow what is described below.


If you “suddenly” crash after the update, it’s because your game is modified. Use the threads in the forum to solve your issue. Uninstall your mods if you can’t start the game or wait until the mod developers have updated the mods to work with the game.

We’ve gotten a lot of crash logs recently that we can’t do anything about because it’s all about mods crashing your games.

If you have tampered with your game files, you’ve done so at your own risk knowing that it will affect your software.

As a last resort, e-mail us directly.

Happy heisting!


OVERKILL – a Starbreeze Studio.

Via: Steam Community