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Thanks For Your Feedback!

By 2015-02-10PAYDAY 2


With the Hype Train event, we’re trying something new. We listen to your feedback and have discussed it during the weekend and yesterday. On behalf of the rest of the OVERKILL crew, I’d like to thank you all for the support and feedback.

There have been a lot of discussion around the PAYDAY community on Youtube, Reddit, Steam and elsewhere. To bring everyone up to speed, we’d like to answer some of the most talked about questions below.


Q: When is the next Infamy update?
A: It’s coming out on March 5. We usually want to surprise you, but we feel that there are so many questions regarding this that we want to share the news with you now.
Q: Will the new Infamy update be free?
A: Of course.
Q: Where is the 10% XP boost from the first two Hype Train destinations?
A: Based on community feedback from our veteran players, we decided to move the XP boost that you gather by reaching new destinations until the release of the new Infamy system. We’ve updated the text on the Hype Train event site to reflect this. This means that both those who already are V-100 as well as those who aim to get there can enjoy the reward. With this change, everyone can enjoy gaining more experience with the release of Infamy 2.0.
Q: What is the status of the Gensec enemy and the FBI files from Crimefest?
A: Out of the 13 rewards that you achieved during Crimefest, The FBI files and the Gensec enemy are the only ones that still are under development. We have gone back and forth with both these features in the design stage because we want them to be good features. Like anything else we do, they’ll be released when we feel they are awesome enough.
Q: Is the SWAT Enemy Turret the same as the Gensec enemy from Crimefest?
A: No.
Q: In the Completely OVERKILL Pack, a secret item is offered. Does this item somehow increase those players advantage of the game or are they simply cosmetic items?
A: The secret item is cosmetic. It will not make you better than anyone else. This pack is for anyone who wants a way to support OVERKILL in developing the free Hype Train content for the community. Based on this, it’s up to you whether or not you want to purchase the pack. For those who support us, we’re happy to give them four cosmetic items along with an additional secret item to be revealed at a later date.
Q: Are you trying to maliciously trick us by naming the DLC’s almost the same?
A: They aren’t named the same. On the Hype Train website, they are divided by two different price tags within their respective box, just like before with our two-DLC releases. When you click the box, you are given a list with what the package contains. On each store page on Steam, it clearly says what it contains. Based on community feedback, we added a note on the top of the Steam store page for the Completely OVERKILL Pack to further clarify its contents.
Q: Why are you asking for donations?
A: We’re not, and there is not a single word anywhere regarding donations. As always with our community, we ask for your support. Whether it’s an e-mail where you tell us how much you appreciate us, a message where you give us feedback, or a purchase of a DLC we have made, we wouldn’t be where we are without you. We need your continued support to continue making sure we stay independent. With the Hype Train event, we offer two different DLC that offer different type of in-game content. That is it.
Q: Why do you need more money?
A: With the success of PAYDAY, we’ve managed to come into a unique position as an independent developer. We decide what we want to do without anyone else interfering. With that, our ambitions grow. We want to give you more. We want to give you a better experience. We want to give you cooler trailers with amazing actors. We want to give you more heists, weapons, masks, features and so on. With more ambition, there is more cost. As always, we do paid content when we need to and do free content when we can.

Keep those helmets flying!


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