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Hype Train – Tenth and Final Destination Reached!

By 2015-03-09PAYDAY 2


Holy shit, you guys actually did it. We’ve reached all destinations for the Hype Train! WOO!

Destination Reward: For the first time ever, we host a PAYDAY convention in Los Angeles. During the event, we’ll host a PAYDAY 2 tournament with a total prize pool of $250,000!

Bonus Reward: 10% additional XP in-game in the next patch for everyone in the community for the duration of March.

Check the Hype Train website here!

Watch the OVERKILL PACK trailer here!

The Completely OVERKILL Pack will still be purchasable until the start of the Spring Break event. That means four more days, then it will be gone forever.

At OVERKILL, we’re currently working around the clock to make sure we deliver the Spring Break content on time. Make sure you’re here on the 13th when we start the Spring Break event!

Well done everyone! Now keep those helmets flying!

P.S. Don’t worry, Jacket has blonde hair in the game. Hype Train made it brown is all.


OVERKILL – a Starbreeze Studio.

Via: Steam Community