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Infamy 2.0 hypesite is live!

By 2015-03-05PAYDAY 2

Dear crooks and thieves, burglars and hitmen, heisters and infiltrators,

So you’ve gained Infamy level V. An impressive feat, no doubt.

But, while dipping your toes into the first levels of Infamy is impressive, they are just that – the first. Good enough for a spot on some East Coast news network, for a while, or to be posted on the FBI’s most wanted bulletins.

But, for true Infamy, to have your name and deeds live forever, you must go further. Go beyond. Be More.

And to help you achieve this, we at OVERKILL are pleased to announce that we are expanding the Infamy system with an additional 20 levels – for free.

90% in-game XP bonus courtesy of Hype Train heisters

Thanks to the valiant efforts of the Hype Train Heisters, the Hype Train has reached 9 destinations thus far, bringing everyone in the PAYDAY 2 community a sweet 90% XP boost for the duration of March – starting with the Infamy 2.0 update.

Check out the Infamy 2.0 website here!

Click the link and enjoy. In a few hours, we’ll go live.

Disclaimer: While we have your attention, please note that while the image above is hot as hell, you can not for example double wield LMG’s as Dallas. That would be unrealistic. ;)


OVERKILL – a Starbreeze Studio.

Via: Steam Community