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A Community Update

By 2015-05-19PAYDAY 2


It’s been a busy first months of 2015. The crew has been working tirelessly together with Lion Game Lion on pushing out content to you guys as often as we possibly could. We hope you enjoy the constant stream of new stuff to do in the PAYDAY universe. We figured it’s time we did a community post to give you guys a short update on what we have in the works in the coming months.

Before you start reading, please know that we hear you – we read the threads in the forums, on Reddit, Twitter and Facebook. We are aware of what we’ve promised you and are working hard on delivering on it. Thanks to everyone in the PAYDAY community for being patient while we do our best making sure the promised content becomes as awesome as we can make it. If there’s anything missing below, it’s because it can’t fit the announcement. And yes – there are other things we are working on as well that aren’t covered below.

You Can Drive in PAYDAY 2!

CARS – If you haven’t heard, you can now drive cars in two heists. The best thing? Both heists are for free and available right now.

2 More Years of PAYDAY

COMMITMENT – If you hadn’t heard about the cars, you probably hadn’t heard about this, so let us reiterate – we are going to support PAYDAY 2 until 2017! Will we stop there? That depends on if you’re still playing! Right now, we are focusing on making sure we have exciting things to share with you up until then.

10 Heisters to LA

SPRINGBREAK – As it looks, we’ll be flying in the 10 winners on the 12th and have them stay until the 15th. The 10 heisters will be picked and briefed before the end of May.

PAYDAYCON in Seattle

SPRINGBREAK – We’ve got an awesome opportunity to host the convention during PAX Prime in the summer instead of in LA as we originalyl planned. The difference is that while it’s the same time zone, it’s a different city entirely. Before we move forward with this, we want to hear what you guys think about having the convention in Seattle instead of Los Angeles. We’ve hosted a thread here where you can share your thoughts. If enough people think it’s a good idea, we’re going to go ahead with the move. What do you guys think? Join us in the thread and let us hear your thoughts.

PAYDAY Tournament

SPRINGBREAK – We promised to host a PAYDAY Tournament with a sizeable prize pool. We are currently in a design phase where we are investigating the best way forward to make sure that it becomes a great event. We have no ETA for the tournament yet. We will inform you as soon as we are ready to share more details.

The Completely OVERKILL Secret Items

SPRINGBREAK – We’re still working on the Completely OVERKILL secret item that those who purchased the DLC will get. We still won’t disclose what it is, other than that it will be a cosmetic item that you will get from a pool of different items. With anything we do, we’ll put in the necessary time to make it all look beautiful. At the moment, there is no ETA. The items are part of a larger project which makes it take time to finish.

The FBI Files

CRIMEFEST – The FBI Files is a feature we’ve been working on in a design stage for some time. We have several ideas that we think are great but they all take time to implement. At the same time however, we want to release the feature as soon as we are able to. We are thankful for you guys being patient, but we also understand if you’ve been frustrating by having to wait. More information will come in connection to its release. At the moment, we’re looking at releasing it before the end of the year.

The GENSEC Enemy

CRIMEFEST – The GENSEC enemy is something we know that many people have been looking forward to. The enemy has taken a long time to design because we’ve been back and forth between what we want the enemy to do. The enemy is still in production and is something that we hope to release before the end of the year. The sooner we are done, the sooner we will release it.


FEATURE – Thanks to everyone who shared their feedback when Infamy 2.0 was released. After the release, we promised that we would have a look at the feedback when the dust settled. We’re now actively having discussions among the crew based on your feedback. Before we do any changes, we will make sure to check it with you guys in order to see what you think. Before we go live with any changes, we are looking at doing a possible open beta to make sure you like what you see.

Regarding Possible Collaboration with Killing Floor 2

RUMORS – We’ve been reading some discussions about possible collaborations with our friends at Tripwire Interactive and their new (FUCKING AWESOME) game Killing Floor 2. While all the talk about possible collaborations is flattering, there is nothing we can confirm at this point. While you wait for something like this to happen, we suggest you try their game out if you haven’t – it’s a beast of a game.

Safe House Customization

FEATURE – Regarding the safe house customization, the boring answer is that we’re still working on it. We have no news to share at this point. We will share more information as soon as we feel we are ready to.

Casino Heist

HEIST – The Casino Heist is well under way and will be released soon. Lion Game Lion are doing a massive effort while we at OVERKILL keep on supporting them while feeding them ammunition to do what they do so well. We hope you guys will enjoy playing the heist as much as we’ve enjoyed making it!

OVERKILL Visiting Valve

VALVE – A couple of weeks ago we had the pleasure of visiting our dear friends at Valve. Every year we try to go there at least once to talk about what we’re doing and how we can do it better. It’s always very informative, but, it’s also very secretive, and there is little we can share with you without spoiling any cool surprises. A few weeks after our visit, Chet Faliszek and Doug Church from Valve came by our office in Stockholm to show off their awesome VR tech that they’re working on with HTC. For this event, we invited a dozen of different Swedish game developers so they could try it out. Among those was David Goldfarb, our dear old Game Director of PAYDAY 2 who’s moved on to form his own studio. All in all it was a great event and we had a really good time.

Guys, we hope you like what you see. We are working very hard on making sure we deliver on what we’ve promised as well as some other cool stuff. Thanks for being patient and thank you so much for all of your support.

Talk to you soon.


OVERKILL – a Starbreeze Studio.

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