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PAYDAY 2: Update 70 and Day 3 of the Golden Grin Casino Heist is LIVE!

By 2015-06-25PAYDAY 2

The Golden Grin Casino Trailer

The Sokol Character Pack Trailer

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Day 3 and update 70 is here!

Update size: 964 MB

Check out the Golden Grin Casino Heist website here:

Update 70

The Golden Grin!
  • Added the Golden Grin Casino heist
  • Added the Cavity 9mm rifle
  • Added three weapon modifications for the Cavity 9mm rifle
  • Added four melee weapons
  • Added four patterns
  • Added four materials
  • Added five achievements

Sokol Character Pack
  • Added Sokol the Russian as the 11th playable character in PAYDAY 2
  • Added the Grinder perk deck
  • Added Sokol’s mask
  • Added Sokol’s Valkyrie assault rifle
  • Added three weapon modifications for the Valkyrie assault rifle
  • Added Sokol’s hockey stick as a melee weapon

Other changes
  • Fixed an issue where the grenade was not removed from your hand if you went into bleedout during the throw animation.
  • Fixed an issue with fetching equipped weapon while game is restarting
  • LED combo flashlight blocking sights when attached to the Raven shotgun now works as intended
  • Shotguns with piercing shells now chooses the pellet ray that is closest to the center of the swarm to shoot through instead of the first pellet ray
  • Fixed a floating stack of money on day 1 of the Hotline Miami heist
  • Fixed a part of attention code that caused a number of memory allocations, causing performance issues to some

Please enjoy all the new content!


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