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PAYDAY 2: Day 1 of the FBI Files and New Enemy Update!

By 2015-09-22PAYDAY 2



A New Commissioner Is In Town!

At City Hall, Mayor Bob McKendrick today announced the formation of a new task force. This task force has been specifically charged with combating the crime group known as ‘The Payday Gang’.

The Mayor used the announcement to introduce the task force’s leader, Commissioner Garrett.

"Washington is sick. I am the cure." Commissioner Garrett, 62, arrives from Boston, where his aggressive leadership of the BPD eradicated both the Irish and Italian mobs, and earned him the nickname "Old Thunderguts".

At the press conference, Commissioner Garrett announced his intention to destroy the infamous network Crime.Net, and its near-mythical leader, Bain.

Check out the website here!

Q: Is this paid?

A: No! This is free, courtesy of all the hard work heisters put in during last years Crimefest.

Thanks to the veteran heisters out there who made this happen!

Next day goes live tomorrow!


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