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PAYDAY 2: Day 3, New Challenges to the Road to Crimefest

By 2015-09-30PAYDAY 2


Career Criminals!

New challenges are here!!

What is this?!

The fourth birthday of PAYDAY is fast approaching and with it, the PAYDAY gang once more set out on an epic adventure. This time, Bain provided them with details on what will lead them to uncovering more about Cagliostro, the legendary treasure hunter and heister of old myth.

Curious as to what they might find, the PAYDAY gang agreed to help Bain explore the dungeon he had located. Not knowing what challenges stood before them, onwards all of them still went. On the Road to Crimefest, who knows what treasures they might find in the deep, dark depths of the dungeon?

Check out the website here!

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What is this?

Learn more about the event by following the link:

Will it be FREE?

All unlocked rewards will be features that are added for free to the game.

Why social media challenges? I hate social media.

Some of the challenges are connected to following the actors who make PAYDAY what it is. The actors had no idea this was happening and will be surprised to see your support. If you think it’s too hard to show them some appreciation by simply clicking follow on their twitter, then I think you don’t understand how much they have done for the PAYDAY community.

These are people who go above and beyond to interact with the PAYDAY community in a way that very few other actors do. Is Chains your favorite character? Maybe Damion deserves a little "thank you" for investing himself in PAYDAY to the level he has.

If that’s too difficult, feel free to support the rest of the community by participating in the in-game events. The rest of us are having fun, we’d like for you to have fun too.

Update 78.2 changelog

Update size: 16.1MB

  • Added additional game statistics that we can track for the Road to Crimefest community event



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