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PAYDAY 2: The Halloween sale is here! Get everything 75% off.

By 2015-10-30PAYDAY 2


Hey heisters,

Hope you’re enjoying the Halloween event! A special shout-out to our OVERKILL crew member Carl "Bubba" Norén who made the "Donacdum" song.


Halloween is here and with it the Halloween sale! 75% off on anything PAYDAY 2 as well as 90% off on anything PAYDAY: The Heist. Miss something? Now’s the time to get it!

PAYDAY 2 tournaments

We’re happy to announce that we’re partnering with DreamHack in creating tournaments for PAYDAY 2. Read more here:

Here are the events we have scheduled for so far:

DreamHack Winter, Jönköping Sweden. 29-31 November

DreamHack Moscow, Moscow Russia. 5-6 December

DreamHack Leipzig, Leipzig Germany. 22-24 January

DreamHack Austin, Austin USA. 6-8 May

COP reward

We’ve solved one of the issues we had with the COP reward. We’re currently looking through it ensuring that it works correctly; when it does, we’ll release it.

Console heister update

There’s a ton of more stuff that we’ll go into discussions with you in the coming weeks like weapons balance, Infamy 3.0 and more.

November’s coming up and it’s looking to be a great month for some sun and barbeque.

Enjoy Halloween!


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