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PAYDAY 2: Update 93 is live!

By 2015-12-17PAYDAY 2


We’re live with update 93!

Stat Boost & Team Boost mods in the Card Loot Drop and Montly Side Jobs

You can now modify your weapon to have a specific Stat Boost or Team Boost applied to it! These modifications will be in a separate tab called "Boost" and can be obtained through the Card Loot Drop by successfully completing a heist or performing our new Monthly Side Jobs. The modifications can be applied to any weapon and they replace whatever boost that might already be applied.

Monthly Side Jobs is our new addition to our Side Jobs feature and introduces jobs that you can only complete once per month. The Monthly Side Job reward is a Stat Boost or a Team Boost modification of your choice.

Update 93 changelog

Update size: 134.1 MB

Stat Boost & Team Boost weapon mods
  • Added Stat Boost & Team Boost weapon mods in the Card Loot Drop and Monthly Side Jobs

Side Jobs
  • Added monthly side jobs

  • Added the "We Do It Live!" achievement

Black Market
  • Added the Christmas safe and Christmas drill. These can be obtained by completing the "We Do It Live!" achievement



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Via: Steam Community