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PAYDAY 2: Day 2 of The Goat Simulator Heist!

By 2016-01-13PAYDAY 2


Day 2 is here!

Today is all about the new PAYDAY DLC for Goat Simulator! Coffee Stain Studios has made a completely new DLC for Goat Simulator inspired by PAYDAY 2. Check it out in the link below!

Goat Simulator Meets PAYDAY 2

Check out the website!

Goat Simulator PAYDAY Official Release Trailer

Q: I’m confused – is this a different DLC?

A: Yes! We have made on DLC for PAYDAY 2, and now Coffee Stain have made one DLC for Goat Simulator.

Check back tomorrow for day 3 where we tell you about the rest of the content in the PAYDAY 2 DLC like masks, achievements and the new shotgun secondary weapon!


OVERKILL – a Starbreeze Studio.

Via: Steam Community