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PAYDAY 2: A Community Update

By 2016-03-12PAYDAY 2


We hope all is well and that you’re having a lovely weekend! Figured it’s time to give you guys an update on stuff that we’re doing.

Community Engagement

We’re continuing our efforts to become better at helping you guys have an awesome experience while playing PAYDAY 2. We’re taking in your feedback regarding how we communicate new features, in the forums and the PAYDAY subreddit. PAYDAY 2 producers Andreas, Hampus and Joakim are ensuring we do what we can to make sure you guys are treated as good as possible. Our goal is to be active, listening and replying to the feedback from the community.

PAYDAY Tournaments

Before the end of March we are going live with a website that will list all the important information you will need to know in order to participate in future PAYDAY tournaments. We will have information like how the tournament works, when it is, when the next one is, how to sign up and so on. The PAYDAY tournaments are hosted by ourselves and our partner DreamHack and events are location based. The next stop takes us to Austin, Texas and DreamHack Austin. It’s going to happen between May 6-8th and will feature a 30,000$ prize pool. The tournament will be staffed by OVERKILL crew members including yours truly. Looking forward seeing you who will go there! If you can’t make the next one in Austin, the one after that is DreamHack Summer in Jönköping, Sweden between 18-21st of June.

"More Female Characters Please"

We’ve seen questions regarding additional heisters that will join the PAYDAY gang and that some of you would like to see more female playable characters. Some of you might not be aware, but we’re actually working on an Australian heister called Sydney. We announced her last year during PAYDAYCON in Seattle to a very pleased crowd of heisters. Sydney is being voiced by the Australian voice actress Georgia Van Cuylenburg, known among other things for voicing Vanille in Final Fantasty XIII. We’re currently creating the character’s style, writing her lines and making sure she kicks ass. Our goal is to release her later this year.

Any Update Coming Soon?

Yes, instead of Spring Break, we’ve got an event featuring free content, no strings attached. More information coming soon.

Will There Be Another Spring Break Event?

No. We won’t be doing a Spring Break event again this year. Making it happen last year was a ton of work; everyone on the team worked day and night to make it happen. A lot of the community members were unhappy how it ended up and how we decided to do things. We want as many people as possible to be happy, so we decided to scrap that format. We will continue making regular content drops and events however; there’s always new stuff around the corner. Don’t know what Spring Break is? Read about it here:

Regarding the Feedback on the Updated Main Menu Open Beta

We’ve received a lot of feedback thus far. Thank you for that. We won’t make the Updated Main Menu permanent if you guys don’t like it. It’s as easy as that. We have no ambition removing the ability to have the classic PAYDAY 2 menu. We will continue to work on the Updated Main Menu as a beta and if and when it’s good enough, we’ll implement it as an option. With this in mind, please continue sharing your feedback on how we can improve the Updated Main Menu and make into something you’d like to use. Don’t like it? That’s fine. Think we can improve it? Tell us how – we’re listening.

Final Batch of Mega Masks

The concept art for the remaining five mega masks will be released by us end of the month. Looking forward to hearing your feedback on those.

Digital Art Contest

We want you to create some more great PAYDAY 2 art! There will be prizes, including lootbag, alienware and bobblehead dozer! More information here:

Charity Stream With ThaWolf

ThaWolf is streaming at – all direct donations on FRIDAY night streams are donated directly to the World Wildlife Fund charity in effort to help keep wolves off the endangered species list! ThaWolf will match ANY donations given.

OVERKILL Approved Streamers

We have a ton of OVERKILL approved streamers who stream PAYDAY 2 and other games while having fun, giving away exclusive mask packs on stream that they’ve received by us. For example, TCN at and Team Evil at are currently streaming – go check them out!

Get These Two Cool PAYDAY 2 Horror Masks for Free

Last but not least, our friends at Behaviour just released their latest dev diary showing off in-game footage of their horror game Dead by Daylight. Join the group and get the two really cool masks by going here:

Thanks guys, talk to you soon.


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