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PAYDAY 2: Update 95.5 and info on upcoming Open Betas

By 2016-03-10PAYDAY 2


We’ve got a lot of news to share with you this week, more info on this below.

Perk Decks Open Beta – Thanks for your feedback

First off, we’d like to thank you for all your comments regarding the Perk Deck beta that we’ve been having the past few weeks. We’ve now pushed it live, but that doesn’t mean that we’ve stopped working on it in any way – we will continue to listen to your feedback and monitor the changes and how you use them.

Updated Main Menu Open Beta is now live

The Main Menu in PAYDAY 2 has looked the same since the game was released in August 2013. Since then we’ve made a lot of changes to the game but many user interface elements have remained the same. We’ve previously changed the player inventory and have received a lot of positive response. We’re now looking to update the Main Menu and are looking to hear your feedback. The Updated Main Menu Open Beta is now live and available in the BETAS tab. If you’ve never participated in an Open Beta, we explain how to below.

Skill Trees Open Beta to be launched soon

More info here:

Update 95.5 changelog

Update size: 371.4 MB

  • Fixed an issue that caused a goat to get stuck where the player could not reach it on the Goat Simulator Job
  • Fixed an issue where the players could clip into the back of the truck on the Aftershock Job
  • Fixed an issue where enemies that were still alive in the plane caused less enemies to spawn on the ground on the Birth of Sky Job
  • Fixed a crash when the BFD was dropped through the roof on the Golden Grin Casino Job
  • Fixed an issue where Bain would keep mentioning the server room and the vault in Day 3 of the Framing Frame Job
  • Fixed an issue where the cameras would not turn off if you dominated the guard in the camera room in The Bomb: Dockyard Job
  • Fixed an issue on Day 2 of the Goat Simulator Job that caused the vehicle collision from the SWAT vans to remain even if the vans were not there
  • Fixed an issue related to the AI pathing causing enemies to have problems finding the players on the First World Bank Job
  • Fixed an issue where the enemies could abort the hack before it was started on the Undercover Job
  • Fixed an issue that caused a civilian to spawn twice on the Hotline Miami Job
  • Fixed an issue that caused Bain to talk about the hatch at the wrong time on the Hotline Miami Job
  • Fixed an issue that caused all way-points for the gas cans to disappear when the first one was shot on the Hotline Miami Job
  • Fixed an issue where the C4 trap did not spawn correctly if you used a saw or C4 to open the gates to the basement on the Counterfeit Job
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck on the meth lab table on The Bomb: Dockyard Job
  • Removed the random chance to spawn the meth lab. It will now always spawn on all difficulties on The Bomb: Dockyard Job
  • Objective text now updates correctly when the van leaves on the following heists: Diamond Store, Ukrainian Job and Jewelry Store

  • Fixed an issue that caused muted players to become unmuted when loading between different days or jobs
  • Fixed an issue where vehicles could collide with Sentry Guns
  • Fixed an issue where some enemies would only shoot at players that were looking towards them
  • Tweaked the layout of the side jobs menu
  • Changed the timer for the side jobs to be more exact
  • Pressing insert will paste your clipboard into the chat
  • Fixed an issue in the Offshore Payday where the chance to get an Infamous item would show the incorrect value
  • Fixed an issue that caused the enemies to sometimes walk backwards when entering a level
  • Fixed an issue for ammo bags staying on the level even though they were empty
  • Fixed an error that showed the wrong value on the last card of the Sociopath perk deck
  • Fixed an issue where the chance of an infamous drop did not increase when playing on the Death Wish difficulty
  • Fixed an issue related to the Level Appropriate Servers filter where it would not show servers playing the Big Oil job on the Death Wish difficulty no matter how high level you were
  • Added a safety check to avoid a crash when a player receives a steam inventory item that does not have an in-game icon

  • The Sixth Sense skill can now be used to pick up crowbars

  • The Theia sight can now mark cameras
  • Fixed an issue with the spread of the Raven shotgun

  • Fixed an issue that caused the "I Have No Idea What I’m Doing" achievement to be completed if the alarm had been sounded

  • Fixed an issue where repelling SWATs did not play a sound
  • Fixed an issue where AI teammate callouts were not heard by clients

  • Fixed a graphical issue on one of the security guard models
  • Fixed an issue related to having skins equipped on both the akimbo Bernetti 9s and a secondary Bernetti 9 at the same time

Perk Decks


Medical Supplies Perk

  • Addition to already existing perk: If the Gambler’s current health is lower than another player’s, the heal effect on the Gambler is increased by 100%. Stacks up to three times


Breath of Fresh Air Perk

  • Addition to already existing perk: Added a 10% crouching movement speed increase


Reinforced Armor Perk

  • Addition to already existing perk: When your armor depletes you will be immune to health damage for 1.5 seconds. This cannot occur more often than once every 15 seconds


Wolf Pack Perk

  • Combined the old Brute Strength perk with the Wolf Pack perk

Brute Strength Perk

  • Replaced old perk with: You grant 8% damage reduction for player in your group. This bonus is double when you are under 50% health for yourself only



  • All armor penalties have been removed

Ambidexterity Perk

  • Added Akimbo related perks from Tooth and Claw and changed Stability Penalty from -24 to -16
  • Addition to already existing perk: Akimbo ammo capacity of your akimbo weapon increased to 125%

Tooth and Claw Perk

  • Moved Akimbo related perk to the Ambidexterity Perk
  • Added to already existing perk: Your armor will recover 5 second after being broken no matter what the situation

Updated Main Menu Open Beta is now live

Open beta update size: 389.9 MB

By giving us your feedback on the updated menu, we hope to add it to the live game as soon as possible. Please share your feedback in the thread which you’ll find here:

Participating in the Open Beta

Participate by doing the following:

1) Restart Steam

2) Right click on PAYDAY 2 in your Steam library

3) Go to properties

4) Go to the "BETAS" tab

5) Switch to open_beta (there is no password)

6) Press "CLOSE"

7) Download the update


Participate in the Open Beta at your own risk. You might lose your save file so please back it up before you start.

How to back up save files



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