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PAYDAY 2: Skills Beta update 2 and the Skills Beta for SteamOS is live

By 2016-05-03PAYDAY 2


We’re now live with an update to the Skills Beta and it’s now also available for SteamOS.

Time to get updated

So we’ve been gathering a lot of feedback, ideas and bugs from you since the release of the Skills Beta. And we’re constantly working on fixing stuff.

Now we’ve updated the Beta with some changes and fixes. As per usual we want to be thanking the players as you keep blasting in the Beta version and throwing whatever you might find or run into our way!

One extra treat is that the Skills Beta is now available on SteamOS!

So now even more heisters can enjoy robbing a bank in the spring sun…

Skills beta update 2 changelog

Update size: 23.3 MB

Skills beta
  • Evasion aced fall damage reduction effect now works without investing in any skills
  • Reduced Heavy Impact Basic chance to activate from 20% to 5%
  • Reduced Heavy Impact Ace chance to activate from 60% to 20%
  • The ability to reload while running has been added to the Evation Ace skill
  • The Gun Nut skill will now correctly incease the rate of fire for pistols by 50%
  • Removed total ammo penalty from shotgun ammo type 000 Buckshot.
  • Ammo pick up is no longer limited for shotgun ammo types.

Thanks again for your continued feedback on the skills beta. We’ll continue to work on it and update it more further down the line!


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Via: Steam Community