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PAYDAY 2: Day 2 of The Biker Packs is here! Announcing The Biker Heist.

By 2016-06-15PAYDAY 2



Day 2 of the Biker Packs is here!

Check it out:

The Heists

Rust sits on some information that can make the entire crew very rich, but he just wants one thing first: his bike.

  • Lion’s Den

    Time to go to back to Rust’s old clubhouse. A place he called home for many years – but now he’s just there for his bike. Cause a biker without his bike is just a guy in a leather jacket. So get in there, free the Mechanic, make sure he’s not distracted and then get out of there.
  • Interception

    Rust knows very little about high tech military stuff. But he knows that the OVERKILL MC have managed to lay their hands on some. And it’s valuable. As Rust’s old brothers are transporting the “device” by train – the PAYDAY gang gets onboard to fight their way through hordes of cops and bikers. All at 60 mph.

Tomorrow you’ll get to try them out for yourselves! Stay tuned.




Via: Steam Community