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PAYDAY 2: Day 3 of the Biker Packs is live!

By 2016-06-16PAYDAY 2



Day 3 is here! And so is Rust, The latest heister to join the PAYDAY gang.

Check it out:

The Biker Rust has joined the PAYDAY crew!

Don’t bite the hand that feeds you…unless there’s another hand offering you something better tasting.

Rust, a long time member of the OVERKILL MC, is as ruthless and deadly as bikers come. He does what needs to be done, without hesitation. Basically a badass who’s willing to do anything to get his PAYDAY.

The Biker Packs are live!




Patch Size:

2.2 GB

  • Added Rust as a playable character
  • Added the Biker Perk Deck
  • Added the Breaker 12G Shotgun
  • Added the Chain Whip melee weapon
  • Added Rust’s Masks

Biker Heist Pack
  • Added The Biker Heist
  • Added the Biker Perk Deck
  • Added the CR 805B Submachine Gun
  • Added the Throwing Axe
  • Added 4 new Masks: Speed Devil, Road Rage, The Classic and Flaming Skull

    The Basics Heists

  • Removed the Gage Pack asset picture from the Preplanning Lobby
  • Disables the option to not have Team AI present on the level
  • Fixed various art issues
    Flash Drive

  • Adjusted a visual effect on the level
  • Reminder to deploy ECM jammer will now continue if player have not deployed it
    Golden Grin Casino

  • Fixed an issue where a red outline would appear on the Sentry Gun asset
  • Fixed an animation issue with the winch when using the Blimp Turbo asset

  • Replaced all playable character models’ textures and models with better looking ones
  • Deployables can now be used while carrying a bag. Press [KEYBIND] to throw bag, hold [KEYBIND] to deploy your deployable
  • Deployables used before finishing one of The Basics heists will now remain in the inventory
  • Fixed an issue where the Halloween Event masks would be visible in inventory when not owning them
  • Reduced the amount of ammunition for the Sentry Gun by 33%

  • Fixed an issue where Sydney as a Team AI would not shout for help when downed

  • Fixed the reload animation for Compact-5 Straight Magazine modification
  • Added the Beak Suppressor for the Platypus 70 Sniper Rifle


  • The speed at which the armor regenerate for the three heaviest armor with the Anarchist perk deck has been increased

  • Activated Fire Traps will now be properly synced for drop in clients
  • Fire Trap placed by a player that is in custody will now work properly

Via: Steam Community