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The PAYDAY 2 Tournament comes to San Diego!

By 2016-09-16PAYDAY 2


The PAYDAY 2 Tournament is Back!

We’re back with another PAYDAY 2 Tournament, this time in San Diego for TwitchCon! Your usual 30.000 US dollars are on the line during the three day long tournament.

This tournament marks the start of the second season, as we’re changing things up by replacing the Slaughterhouse heist with Hoxton Breakout Day 2! (And this time, you get to practice before the event!)

If you want to know more about the tournament, please check out:

Download the Tournament Build!

The new Tournament build is now available on Steam for anyone to try out. Should you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below or in this thread:

How do I download the build?

  • Right click on your PAYDAY 2 game in your Steam Library
  • Select the Beta tab
  • Select the PAYDAY 2 – Tournament build in the drop down menu

Thank you and see you at TwitchCon!



Via: Steam Community