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Day 5: Hoxton Safe!

By 2016-10-11PAYDAY 2



Day 5

Hoxton’s Housewarming Party has been going on for 5 days already and it’s been great to see the response from you guys! We’re tracking the bug reports and are fixing as much as we can. We’re also listening to the feedback you give us and are already trying out a couple of things we can improve!


Hoxton Safe

Here comes Hoxton’s own Safe finally! The Hoxton Safe contains 4 Rares, 3 Epics and 2 Legendaries! So make sure to successfully finish a heist and get your own in the Card Loot Drop.

Check out the new skins here![]

Oh, and help Aldstone board up the windows tonight…

Halfway there!

Five days left until the 16th of October and each day we will release more free content. We have some awesome things in store still, so stay tuned!

And don’t forget, PAYDAY 2 and PAYDAY: The Heist plus DLCs are on a 75% sale right now. PAYDAY 2 is also free to play for the duration of the event!

Check out the sale here!

See you tomorrow!


OVERKILL_Joakim and OVERKILL_Hampe the Trybeard


Update 113 changelog

Update size: 170 Mb

  • Fixed an issue where the Zeal Shields did not fall after they were killed
  • Fixed an issue where the Team AI did not deal enough damage to the enemy
  • Fixed an issues where Russian Mercenaries dealt the same amount of damage on all difficulties
    Safe House

  • Changed the Shooting Range’s Damage Indicator number cap to 99999
  • Fixed an issue where the piles of money in the vault didn’t sync properly between host and client
  • Fixed an issue where accumulated stealth bonus was lost when entering the Safe House
  • Fixed an issue where the sound of the Hockey game did not play correctly

Via: Steam Community