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PAYDAY Tournament at infogamer by REBOOT

By 2016-10-21PAYDAY 2



With the second season of the PAYDAY Tournament off to a great start at TwitchCon in San Diego, we now look to Zagreb to find Europe’s best career criminals. This time in Zagreb the PAYDAY 2 Tournament offers new rules, a new tournament heist and a 60,000 dollar prize pool! Make sure to gather your crew and get those helmets flying and we’ll see you at Infogamer between November 8-15 in Zagreb, Croatia!

Check out all the details at

Also, here’s a hotfix for you. Appreciate you all – have a great weekend!



Update 119.1 changelog

Update size: 67.1 Mb

  • Fixed an issue where skill descriptions overlapped
  • Tweaked AI to faster reach the player and be more aggressive towards the player

Weapons And Equipment
  • Changed the damage for the Javelins from 7500 to 3250
  • Changed the damage for the Plainsrider Bow from 1500 to 1000
  • Changed the damage for the Heavy Crossbow from 4000 to 2000
  • Changed the damage for the Light Crossbow from 1500 to 750
  • Changed the damage for the English Longbow from 4000 to 2000
  • Changed the damage for the Pistol Crossbow from 750 to 375


  • Fixed an issue where the "Failed Assassination" trophy would fail for the player that melee the taxman

    Safe House
  • Reactivated interactions on NPC heisters so players can view their dailies when reentering the level

    Panic Room
  • Fixed an issue where the AI would walk over holes in the floor

    Murky Station
  • Fixed an issue where killed civilians counted towards the "Crouched and Hidden, Flying Dagger" achievement

  • Fixed an issue where using the Akimbo Contractor Pistols did not count towards the "For Daisy" achievement

    Boiling Point
  • Fixed an issue where any killed enemy counted towards the "UMP for Me, UMP for You" achievement

Via: Steam Community