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PAYDAY 2: Gage Spec Ops Pack is live!

By 2016-11-25PAYDAY 2

We’ve got several things up our sleeves today so brace for it! A big patch with a couple of nice changes as well as new content. Check it out below!


Gage Spec Ops Pack

Gage used his military contacts to get some really special gear for you this time. 12 new mods in total with some real goodies in there.

For example:

  • The new muzzle for shotguns narrows the pellet spread.
  • A new sniper sight and a sight with a distance meter for Assault Rifles, SMGs and some shotguns.
  • A magazine applicable to certain weapons that increases the reload speed.

Additionally, we’ve added a new weapon, The Arbiter, that you can unlock by completing Gage’s special missions. Also there are masks, patterns, materials and achievements included. Enjoy!

Check out the website for all the details![]

Autumn Sale is live!

Steam’s Autumn Sale is live and of course we’re in it! 75% off all PAYDAY 2 DLC except for the John Wick Weapon Pack which is 50% off! Also PAYDAY: The Heist and its content are 75% off!

Check it out here!

Sydney’s Swim Challenge

Help Georgia "Sydney" Van Cuylenburg to reach heir charity’s goal!

If we reach 24000 Dollars, Almir will shave his beard off which will bring great shame upon him. Also donate as it’s for a great cause!

Participants will get a Mega rendition Sydney mask. Others will be able to get them for free at a later date through community and PAYDAY streamer competitions, raffles, giveaways and more. Voice actors of PAYDAY 2 will also be able to give away codes through giveaways on social media and community members will be made mask ambassadors in order to share codes.

Watch the video here!

#getthebeard #PAYDAY2

Vote for us in the Steam Awards


Beta Situation Update

We’ve temporarily disabled the beta due to some update issues. We will put it back online as soon as possible.

Happy Thanksgiving or Happy Thursday!



Update 124 changelog

Update size: 1.1Gb

  • Added 10 additional Skill slots
  • Added 10 additional Player Profiles
  • Players can now hold space to speed up the End of Heist screen
  • Made the enemy flashbang destroyable
  • Added a countdown sound to the enemy flashbang. 3 seconds on Normal to OVERKILL, 2 seconds on Mayhem and above
  • Added a throw animation to the enemy flashbang
  • Added ear-ringing sound to the enemy flashbangs effect
  • Unacquired mods are now more notably marked in the weapon mod menu
  • Fixed so Steam marketplace will not open when trying to preview a skin with a controller
  • Fixed a crash when trying to hit a team ai with the kunai while having the Friendly Fire Mutator active
  • Replaced content update with an information feature on the main menu showing new content available
  • Fixed an issue where the Crew Loadout would not update correctly
  • Fix an issue that showed an incorrect melee kill when shooting tasers
  • Fixed an issue where players could get a deployable interaction while leaning out of a car window
  • Added optional contours on all throwables
  • Added optional contours on ammo boxes
  • Added Toggle Chromatic Aberration in the Advanced Video Option Menu
    Big Oil

  • Made the level available to level 0 players

    Golden Grin Casino
  • Made the level available to level 0 players

    Jewelry Store
  • Fixed an issue where a window could be lock picked even when the container was spawned outside the window

    Panic Room
  • Changed a couple of art assets

    Prison Nightmare
  • Removed shields from the train and the bridge during the escape

  • Added more VO for Aldstone, the butler
  • Fixed an issue where the Longfellow trophy got rewarded within 10 minutes instead of the intended 7 minutes

    Train Heist
  • Made the level available to level 0 players

  • Made High Value Target work with sensor mines
  • Change the description on some skills to say "increase reload speed" instead of "reduce reload time"
  • Fixed an issue where Lock N’ Loud: Aced checked for current ammo in the clip rather than the total ammo in the clip
  • Updated skinning texture for Matever .357 Revolver
  • Made weapon mod screen available in buy weapon menu
  • Increased the fire damage on dragons breath round from 10 to 100
  • Fixed the warning message for incompatible mods so it will not appear for mod the player does not own

Via: Steam Community