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PAYDAY 2: Scarface Packs Are Live!

By 2016-12-15PAYDAY 2



The Scarface Packs are now live!

The Scarface Heist Pack

The Butcher tries to do business across the Atlantic but is attacked by the Sosa Cartel. Crew, ship and cargo gone. Now she wants revenge and the PAYDAY gang are the executors.

Go to Miami, assault the cartel stronghold and assassinate their leader. Take any loot you can find along the way. Good luck.

The Scarface Character Pack

Scarface enters PAYDAY 2 as a new playable character! He doesn’t back down for anyone and he dishes it out just as hard as he can take it. They don’t make ’em like Tony anymore.

Check out everything here![]

Have fun!



Update 127 changelog

Update size: 2.9 Gb

  • Fixed so Medic can’t heal while in the air or rappelling
  • Fixed an issue where converted enemies would have collisions for drop-in clients
  • Fixed so robbers can comment on killing a Headless Dozer
  • Fixed an issue that caused the "I’m a Swinger" and "Death Wish Swinger" achievements to be unachievable
  • Fixed an issue where Medics could heal enemies that died while rappelling
  • Tweaked the Grin Mask that was clipping on some robber’s heads
  • Fixed an issue where using a throwable weapon while interacting with an NPC would cause the player’s weapon to disappear
  • Adjusted the preview camera so Menu logo is not visible while previewing weapons and masks
    Stealing Xmas

  • Disabled C4 Interaction after all C4 has been placed
  • Fixed waypoint on shoe store that sometimes would get stuck
  • Fixed an area where players could throw bags and not be able to retrieve them again

    Safe House
  • Added a music player to the kill room
  • Skins can now be applied to both primary and secondary OVE9000 Saw
  • Fixed an issue where some weapon mods would disappear when previewing other mods on the weapon
  • Fixed multiple issues with skills when changing between profiles in loadout
  • Fixed an issue where Team Ai could trigger the Aggressive Reload Aced skill for the player
  • Swapping deployable with Jack of All Trades while in the process of deploying an equipment will now cause the deployment timer to reset
  • Fixed an issue where Saw Massacre would trigger on melee kills if the player had a OVE9000 equipped
  • Fixed an issue where the Swan Song would reset if it ended while on a Zipline
Perk Decks
  • Fixed an issue where throwable weapons did not trigger the Grinder effect
Side Jobs
  • Fixed so the Nose Candy will trigger correctly

Via: Steam Community