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By 2016-12-09PAYDAY 2


Friday means hotfix, Beta and headshots From now on we are releasing Betas on firdays since we want to minimize the risks we have by releasing beta and other releases at the same time.

We hope you wil have a nice weekend!

Overkill_Joakim & Overkill_Hampus



Fixed an issue where enemies could sometimes walk through a wall near the Tech Store

The mall announcer now stops talking after the dome has been blown up

Added collision in the Tech Store to prevent the player or bags from getting stuck

Added collision to a metal panel next to the stairs leading up to the roof

Fixed an issue with the sounds that footsteps made in the mall

Fixed an issue where the subtitle would not sync with the actual voiceover

Beta changes

Hitman – Tooth and Claw – Armor now recover after 1.5 seconds instead of 5.

Cavity 9 mm – Changed to DMR assault rifle sub type ( damage is increased from 65 to 160 )

Cavity 9 mm – Accuracy reduced by 8

Cavity 9 mm – Concealment increased by 2

Cavity 9 mm – Ammo capacity from 99 to 66

Broomstick – Damage from 37 to 65

Broomstick – Ammo from 150 to 90

Broomstick – Accuracy from 44 to 80

Broomstick – Rof from 480 yo 361

Broomstick – Precision Barrel – Damage from -3 to +110

Broomstick – Precision Barrel – accuracy from +12 to -8

Broomstick – Precision Barrel – stability from +4 to +8

Broomstick – Precision Barrel – Ammo cap is now reduced by 45

Fire axe, Spear, Gold Fever, Great Sword, Ice Pick, Pitch Fork, katana and Chain Whip went from 70(450) to 30(200)

Brawler – Bloodthirst – Now stacks up to 1600% instead of 300%

GSPS 12G – Ammo from 42 to 28

GSPS 12G – Damage from 90 to 155

Police can only use flashbangs every 15 seconds (instead of 4)

Via: Steam Community