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PAYDAY 2: Update 133

By 2017-03-02PAYDAY 2


We did some changes to the Safe House which you should definitely check out yourself. Besides that, we changed the "Reload" value of all weapons to the actual time it takes until the player can shoot again after an empty reload instead of the time for the full reload animation to finish.


Patch Notes

Update 133 Changelog

Update size: 1.2 GB

  • Fixed an issue where Tazers would sometimes taze you after just seeing you briefly or through a small gap
  • Fixed an issue where team AI could sometimes be the same as a player after a disconnect
  • Fixed an issue with the naming of the Mega Sydney mask
  • Fixed so that heists with fixed songs display the song playing in the tab menu
  • Fixed a visual issue with the doctor bag deployable
  • Fixed an issue where the client would crash if he toggled throwable contours on and off
  • Fixed a visual issue with the frag grenade
  • Fixed so that the lobby animations transitions smoother
  • Added Brooklyn 10-10 and The Yacht Heist to be included in the difficulty achievements
    New Safe House

  • Fixed an issue with the discoball
  • Fixed so that clients can now interact with the butler

    The Yacht Heist

  • Fixed disappearing furniture when looking through drone camera

  • Fixed an issue where the damper.L 44 nozzle for the Broomstick Pistol would not change color when applying a skin.
  • Fixed an issue with The Boss skin using the wrong texture.
  • Fixed so that the Contractor stock is avalible for Piglet, Jacket’s piece and Kross Vertex
  • Fixed so that the Contractor grip is available for Eagle Heavy Rifle / Reinfield / Locomotive
  • Fixed so that you dont see the shells inside the Mosconi while aiming down sight
  • Fixed an issue with the FOV when using the Theia sight on the Nagant
  • Fixed so that the correct weapon mod icon is shown in the weapon stash
  • Fixed an issue where a barrel would clip through the Specops SMG
  • Fixed an issue with the 45 degree red dot sight on the AMR-16
  • Fixed an issue with the barrel on the KSP LMG
  • Fixed so that you can use the Enlightened foregrip on the Compact-5 Akimbo SMG
  • Fixed a texture on the Don Pastrami skin
  • Fixed an issue where the transparent magazines does not update the amount of remaining bullets if the player uses a speed pull magaziine
  • Fixed so that the 2 Piece Stock mod does not clip with the Piglet
  • Fixed so that sprinting with the Desert Fox rifle does not obscure the view in game

Via: Steam Community