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PAYDAY 2: Update: 134.1

By 2017-03-24PAYDAY 2


Thank you for all your feedback! We apologize for the inconvenience with the new weapons and hope you can now enjoy them to the fullest with today’s hotfix, just in time for the weekend.


Update 134.1 changelog

Update size: 147.4 Mb

  • Fixed an issue where players sometimes had to crouch to interact with certain crates

    Beneath The Mountain

  • Changed value of the prototype loot item in beneath the mountain

  • Fixed a visual issue with the magazine on the AK17
  • Fixed an issue where players could sometimes not shoot while carrying a bag
  • Added missing mods to the new Russian weapons
  • Changed the concealment of the suppressor for the Grom Sniper Rifle
  • Tweaked the recoil animation on the Grom Sniper Rifle
  • Adjusted the ammo pickup for the AK17 rifle
  • Adjusted the ammo pickup for the Grom Sniper rifle

Via: Steam Community