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PAYDAY 2: Update 134 Gage Russian Weapon Pack

By 2017-03-23PAYDAY 2



We received a call from Gage! This son of a gun got his hands on a container full of Russian Military Grade Weapons!

Gage Russian Weapon Pack

Gage received a new delivery from one of his contacts. We don’t know who or how and honestly we don’t want to know. What we do know for sure is that this shipment includes one of the newest guns on the market, the AK17!


Besides that, we’ve added three more weapons, the Vintovka Sniper Rifle and Tatonka SMG, a Rezkoye Tactical Knife as well as 4 Masks, Patterns, Materials and Achievements. Enjoy!

Check out the website for more information![]


Update 134 changelog

Update size: 990 Mb

  • Fixed an issue with the Grin mask when using an AMD graphics card
  • The Infiltrator perk deck will not trigger when hitting Charon
  • Dynamite now count towards Safe House Side Job Boom!
  • Fixed issue where Chameleon Aced would not let the player to pick up everything
  • Fixed an issue with the Body Expertise skill and the "Little Friend 7.62"
  • Fixed an issue with the saw not doing the correct amount of damage on dozers when using the Overkill skill
  • Fixed so that you can use incendiary rounds with the Arbiter


  • Fixed some graffiti that was hanging in the air
  • Fixed an issue where the clients would have the wrong text for the host when placing the saws
    Boiling Point
  • Fixed so that the X-ray scanner does not emitt light when it is turned off
    Branch Bank
  • Fixed an issue where a metal rail did not have collision
    Brooklyn 1010
  • Fixed an issue with the experience on the level
  • Fixed it so that it is easier for players to secure bags during the escape.
  • Fixed an issue with flickering textures in two places
  • Fixed an issue where there was light on the floor but no window
  • Fixed an issue whit a chair clipping through a desk
    Diamond Store
  • Fixed a table that was clipping into chairs
    Election Day
  • Fixed so that you can no longer interact with a crate through the wall on day 2
    First World Bank
  • Fixed an issue with some windows not allowing the player to mark guards through them
  • Fixed a briefcase grip that was clipping through a table
    Golden Grin Casino
    Fixed an issue that made bags look strange when using the blimp escape
    Hoxton Breakout
  • Removed the double glass above one of the desktops in the main room
  • Added missing blue line to the stairs
    Panic Room
  • Fixed so that you can shoot through railing
    Prison Nightmare
  • Fixed some holes and floating objects
  • You can no longer throw bags through the glass windows on the bus
  • Fixed the effects on some windows in the Safe House
  • Fixed an issue with Bonnies animation on Tier 3
    Scarface Mansion
  • Fixed so that the magnet no longer clip with the white car
  • Fixed so that you cant answer the phone when using an ECM jammer
  • Fixed an issue where the players could see enemy spawns when going from stealth to loud
  • Fixed a collumn that was clipping with the wall
  • Fixed so that the grenade case no longer spawns on the level by default
  • Fixed a flickering issue near the escape zone
  • Fixed a chair that was clipping with a wall
    The Yatch
  • Fixed missing collision on the top stairs
  • You can no longer mark the drone
  • Fixed so that you can no longer see curtains from the floor above

Via: Steam Community