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Day 3 – Time to take it to the Street

By 2017-04-05PAYDAY 2


What’s good Heisters?

Day 3 of The Search for Kento has just begun. We hope you had a blast on Heat Street so far, since we really enjoyed playing with some of you!

Today, it is time to extend the Paper Crew. Bonnie, Clover and Hoxton are joining in and they are not coming alone. Hidden in their bags we found the Uzi and lot’s of Cash! Last but not least it’s time to leave the Safe House and take it to the Street, more precise, to "Heat Street". Enjoy the new location and don’t forget to share your creations with us!

Day 3 of "The Search for Kento"[] is live! Check it out for yourself and don’t forget to come back tomorrow! We can’t wait to hear your opinions about the new game mode and everything else that we will release!

Stay tuned,

Via: Steam Community