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DAY 4 – New Gamemode is Live

By 2017-04-06PAYDAY 2


How high can you go?

Heisters, today we introduce a whole new game mode for you, the Crime Spree! In Crime Spree you can chain heists and accumulate ranks.
The higher you go, the more you get. We also sensed that you are a very stylish audience, so we thought, why not letting them heist with even more style. Therefore we are introducing Armor Skins together with one new Armor Safe. Dress up and get ready! Do you remember Screen Filters from PD:TH? They are back and they are more! We took the 7 old filters and added 4 more for you. Let us know what you think!

If you gonna heist, do it in style!

Body Expertise – The saga continues We continue the touch up for BE. We remove the crossbows as we don’t think it should be as overpowered
as it is in the current Meta. We also told the Bulldozers to ignore BE from now on, as we don’t think our heaviest enemy would care about such small things as BE.
The Spray and Pray Builds that BE allows are intended for controlling the flow of normal enemies.

Linux Builds – As we currently having build problems with the SteamOS version we will from now on build them separatly. This is unfortunate but we do this so most players
can get the updates as fast as possible. We will release the SteamOS version as soon as we can but it will most likley be the day after the PC build through out the whole event.

Workshop for Armor Skins – We know that the community wants to create Armor Skins and we want you to do it, too! The problem is, we didn’t found the time so far to set up the whole system.
Hopefully we can get it out soon. No worries it’s in the plan!

#MYHEISTER – We have seen alot of good entries in the competition and we are really looking forward to see more. This heister is going to be awesome and it’s cool that we
get one from the community soon. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out theWebsite[] and go to #MYHEISTER!

Update 138 Changelog

Update size: 344Mb

  • Updated textures on basic cops
  • Changed texture on the walls during the escape part of the First World Bank
  • Added portals to Heat Street to increase performance
  • Fixed issue with Matt on the sofa on Tier 1 in the new Safe House1
  • Body Expertise no longer trigger when using crossbows
  • Body expertise no longer affects bulldozers

Via: Steam Community