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DAY 6 – Lions, Pistols and Grenades Oh My!

By 2017-04-08PAYDAY 2


See that shield? BANG….nope!

Here is something for all you Trigger Happy-Gunslinger-Gun-Nut-Desperados where is the 5/7 AP Pistol, yes go back and read that again an Armor Piercing Pistol. You got a problem with shields well now you don’t. A few well placed shots with and the shield is history and then throw an Incendiary Grenade to add a heavy dose of insult to injury. It will the perfect combination of a Grenade a Molotov.

We also include two free gadget mods for those that can’t decide how far away they want to stand from their enemies. Now you can pick your zoom level with a sight magnifier or if you like holding your rifles gangsta-style a 45 degree red dot sight.

Following the release of the Heat Street Heist we are handing out some kick-ass animal masks Fluffledup are back with some of his friends. Look how excited Matt was to hear this news.

To gain access to the new pistol and grenade you need to be part of the Payday 2 Community, simply go to the Payday 2 Community page and click the “follow” link in the upper right of the page to join the community if you have not done so already.

Find out more about the weapons and their stats, as well as the masks and mods on the
Search for Kento Homepage[]

Armor Penetration: We now release the an armor piercing pistol that some may think will kill the use of sniper rifles but we believe that the drawbacks of the pistols compared to other pistols or sniper rifles is enough to let it earn its place in our arsenal. Have a go with it let us know what you think. It has high damage and low ammo compared to most pistols but will be able to make easy work of armored cops and shield units. When standing it up to the Sniper Rifles its low damage and accuracy but high rate of fire and concealment. We hope that this new gun will let you think up new and interesting builds.
Please let us know how you will use the new 5/7 AP Pistol.

Update size: 48.8Mb

All glory to Fluffledup

Via: Steam Community