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Hotfix for Heat Street!

By 2017-04-05PAYDAY 2

Morning all thieves and thugs

In the announcement yesterday we said that a hotfix for the level would come shortly after the update but unfortunately we were unable to keep this promise. We do have that update ready for you now and we even got a few extra fixes there you reported since the update dropped.

You can now hunt to that turtle without the ugly error message in the safe house menu.

Melee Damage – After evaluating the community feedback we reverted the melee damage values yesterday. We are still looking at ways to improve the melee system further. As always we appreciate your thoughts and feedback and often read the forums to see what the community want to see happen with the game. This is of course an ongoing process and we want to take the time to make it right.

Heat Street is here, Spring Break is here, so what’s around the corner?

Update 137.1 changelog

Update size: 44,9Mb

  • Fixed the issue with challenges
  • Fixed issues with two achievements having the same icons
  • Fixed trophy name for the turtle
  • Fixed portal issues on Heat Street
  • Fixed issue with windows on the first van on Heat Street
  • Fixed second escape on Heat Street
  • Fixed Steam OS version
  • Fixed an issue where capturing Matt gave continental coins after completing the level
  • Removed Matt as a trophy

Via: Steam Community