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The Search Continues

By 2017-04-13PAYDAY 2

The Search Continues


The Search for Kento is over… for now…

We have now reached the end of the Spring Break event but the search for Kento continues. We have found some leads and we’re closer than we ever been. We will find him…

We want to thank you all for participating in the search this last 10 days.
You can see the path we took together and all the great content we have acquired at the Search for Kento Homepage[] where you will also find the winner of the #MyHeister competition.

You all fought well in the community challenges. Any futher progress is no longer possible but the 53% experience bonus you unlocked will remain for another week, until the 20th of april.

Update 142 Change log

Update size: 34,3Mb

  • Fixed an issues with the “Back to Prison” achievement on Green Bridge heist where it sometimes did not activate correctly
  • Fixed an issue with the VO on the end screen of the Green Bridge heist
  • Fix the "A Trip Down Memory Lane" safehouse daily to include Heat Street and Green Bridge heists
  • Fixed an issue where the “Skull Armor” was not equipable on the Lightweight Ballistic Vest
  • Fixed an issue where Armor skins would behave incorrectly when switching from Lightweight Ballistic Vest to another armor
  • Updated some loading screen texts

Happy Heisting.

Via: Steam Community