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5 Million PAYDAY 2 Community Members

By 2017-06-13PAYDAY 2

5 Million Heisters

In the last days we, and that includes all of you, broke a lot of records! Today we are happy to announce that we can add one more to the list. Our PAYDAY 2 Community reached the 5 Million Members mark on Steam. Once more we’d like to say “Thank you” to everyone who went this way together with us and “Welcome to the Family” to all the new Members!

Stay tuned,

Update 148.1 Changelog

Update size: 171.6 Mb

  • Added the new Ultimate Edition Trailer
  • Fixed that the Matryoshka Grenade didn’t work for the “Fire in the hole” achievement
  • Fixed some item strings that had the wrong DLC info
  • Fixed the “Buy the PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition today!” link in the Main Menu

Desync Beta Update 1.1 Changelog

Update size: 483.0 Mb

  • Fix crash when team AI uses uzi or bullpup weapons
  • Fixed players playing animations where they would stand and turn while they were in midair
  • Fixed players gliding on the ground while playing shell reload animations
  • Angled Red Dot Sights can now have their dot customized
  • Default dot for all customizable sights has been changed to Red Dot 3

Via: Steam Community