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PAYDAY 2: Desync Beta 1.3

By 2017-06-21PAYDAY 2

Desync Beta 1.3 is live!

The Desync Beta goes into the next round. Besides all the new animations and fixes, this week we added new sound effects as well. Stay close to your crew members and listen to the beautiful sounds of a reloading weapon!

Stay tuned,

Desync Beta Update 1.3 Changelog

Live – Beta 1.3 = 566,1 MB
Beta 1.2 – Beta 1.3 = 121,6 Mb

  • Added revive animation for third person players
  • Fixed Uzi-style weapons not using uzi-style reload animation and instead defaulting to pistol reload animation
  • Fixed being able to shout at and kill enemy corpses who were killed during stealth for drop-in clients
  • Fixed 2 corpses showing for a killed enemy or civilian for drop-in clients
  • Fixed crash for drop-in clients if a player reloads before the client can fully load the weapon files
  • Fixed magazines with weapon skins attached not using the skin after it was removed from the gun
  • Added additional interact animations for pistol and bullpup stances
  • Fixed Bootleg Rifle using a very slow fire rate in third person
  • Fix magazine from reload getting stuck in the players hand if they started interacting or charging melee attacks
  • Fixed incorrect reload type on the Bronco Revolver
  • Changed hold type for Queens Wrath rifle
  • Changed hold and reload type for Cavity 9mm rifle
  • Pistol reload magazines should be held in the players hand when reloading
  • Fixed enemies hit by Heavy Impact playing hurt animation twice on clients
  • Fixed M1014 Shotgun using the wrong reload animation
  • Added sound effects for reloading weapons in third person
  • Added additional idle animations for guards while in stealth
  • Added crouching specific switch weapon animation
  • Added magazine ejection force to pistol reloads

Via: Steam Community