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PAYDAY2: Desync Beta Goes Live

By 2017-07-06PAYDAY 2

The Desync Beta has received some great response, we are very pleased with the results. Now it’s time to release it into the main game and let the entire community enjoy the improvements that the Beta gave.

Below you will find the changelog for this update with bug fixes and changes made to the main game, as well as a separate changelog of fixes to issues found in the Desync Beta since the last update. You can also find a list of all changes that were made during the time the Beta was live.


It’s important that you uninstall any anti-desync mod you might be using.
These mods may cause glitches or crashes if left installed once the update is installed.

LuaJit and Mod Support

This update does not include LuaJIT. It was included in the Beta but we removed it since that would break all the mods for the game. The LuaJIT update will come at a later date when the feature is ready. We try our best to make the transition as smooth as possible.

The heist must go on…
OVERKILL – a Starbreeze Studio.

Update size: 564.5MB

Update 150 Changelog


  • Fixed stealth heists not being marked as stealth only again
  • Fixed an issue with overlapping text in the upgradeable Safe House menu when in the lobby
  • Changed the value of the "Quick" crew ability to 25% instead on 30%
  • Fixed exploit that allowed players to sell weapons they don’t own
  • Fixed a bug where the van mounted turret would get stuck inside the van after repairing itself if it was killed while activating.
  • Fixed an issue where having the Shield mutator on OD would result in no enemy spawns during assaults
  • Added buttons for "Switch skill tree" and "Reset Skills" in the Skills menu
  • Fixed the issue where the tip says the that you can shoot doors to open them. But you can’t do it on the door on the image.
  • Players can now see other players lobby data in Steam friends by clicking "View Game Info"
  • Multi-choice menu items can now be clicked to open a menu with all options available to choose from, only available if using mouse and keyboard
  • Fixed crash if client throws something at the punching bag in Dragan’s room in the Safehouse
  • Fixed Poker melee weapon using the wrong animation
  • "The Collector" achievement now includes the AK17 as one of the possible guns.
  • Made a fix so that suppressed sentry guns are not targeted as much as before

Crime Spree

  • Fixed so that the medic dozer uses the correct reload animation
  • Removed the "clear progress" button from options when playing Crime Spree offline
  • Added "Clear Crime Spree Progress" button to Crime Spree Options menu.
  • Do not display next modifier level indicators for modifier pools that have been depleted
  • Added voice over when killing a Medic or Minigun dozer
  • Fixed bug where forced modifiers were being added to client’s own crime spree
  • Fixed a bug where the Continue Crime Spree button would not be triggered.
  • Players can no longer enter a Crime Spree when he is in a lobby for a regular game
  • Removed cost for continuing a failed level 0 Crime Spree
  • We now show the correct gained level total on Crime Spree stage end screen
  • Added stats tracking for Minigun and Medic Bulldozers


  • Fixed clipping issues between utility meter and deposit box in the vault on Go Bank
  • Fixed some parts of the road from clipping through a wall on Go Bank
  • Fixed so that the AI now follow you up the ladder from the sewers to the escape vehicle on Go Bank
  • Replaced trashy looking trashbag units with nicer looking ones on Go Bank
  • Fixed some of the lighting on the level on Go Bank
  • Fixed so that cops will interact with the balloon if the plane misses it the first time on Green Bridge
  • Fixed a few spots where the player could see cops spawning on Green Bridge
  • Fixed combat issue on green bridge which caused no spawns of cops if the player looted the Gensec van after the prisoner was airlifted on Green Bridge
  • Fixed floating street lamps on the bridge on Green Bridge
  • Fixed a clipping issue with one gage pack on Green Bridge
  • Fixed so that cops legs don’t sink down into the ground after jumping from the rails on Green Bridge

Fixes form Desync Beta 1.4 to Update 150
  • Fixed snipers not playing sounds when firing if held by team AI
  • Team AI will now use sniper rifles properly
  • Team AI will now drop magazines from their weapons like players do when they reload, if using HQ weapons
  • Fixed incorrect reload being used on the English Longbow
  • Fixed players standing up if they switched weapons while in bleed out
  • Fixed players sliding along the ground if they were carrying excessively heavy bags
  • Enemies will now reload when not moving, instead of magically refilling their magazines and skipping the reload
  • Fix players not standing on vehicles that had been driven before and playing their in-air animation continuously

Desync Beta Changelog
  • All third person pistol animations updated
  • All third person rifle animations updated
  • Third person bow animations updated
  • Players will move to their networked position immediately when they move on their own computer
  • Player aiming and look direction should be networked correctly and smoothed out
  • Player weapons should use the correct spread for that weapon
  • Reload speeds are synced between players
  • Added switch weapon animations
  • Players should always be in the weapon raised state
  • Players should lower their weapon to sprint if they do not have the run and shoot skill
  • Added melee charging animations for players
  • Players using shotguns should fire multiple tracers for their pellet spread instead of a single tracer
  • Enemies using shotguns will fire multiple tracers when firing instead of a single pellet
  • Added a catchup system if players get too far out of sync
  • Cops should be in better sync for clients to the hosts positions
  • Cops should use the same paths on clients as on the host
  • Revolver weapons will use a new revolver reload animation
  • Police using revolvers will use the revolver reload animation
  • Bullpup-style weapons should be held slightly differently from other weapons, have a unique reload animation
  • Uzi-style weapons should be held same as bullpup weapons, have a unique reload animation
  • Intro videos when starting the game will use the players SFX volume level instead of being at 100% volume
  • Attract video will use the players SFX volume level instead of being at 100% volume
  • Player mask up animation should make the mask visible while their hand is over their face instead of afterwards
  • Disabled recoil animation on enemies while they are moving
  • Panic animations should now cause the enemy to move along with the animation
  • Panic animations can no longer cause the enemy to dodge into a wall or obstacle
  • Throw animations are synced so that the grenade/throwable should leave the players hand at the correct time
  • Shell-fed weapons will use a looped shell reload animation
  • Corpses pushed by shotguns are now networked while in stealth so that they are better synced for stealth gameplay
  • Clients can now launch enemies using shotguns while in stealth like hosts can
  • Snipers can only fire while standing still, they can not fire while moving into setup position
  • Shotguns hitting vehicles will show the correct amount of decals on the vehicle instead of just one
  • Players will re-equip their weapon after getting unhandcuffed
  • Angled Red Dot Sights can now have their dot customized
  • Default dot for all customizable sights has been changed to Red Dot 3
  • Added bullpup-style reload for weapons held in the rifle stance
  • Added rifle-style reload for weapons held in the bullpup stance
  • Added animations for pistols and bullpup weapons that use the shell reload animation
  • Added generic interaction animation which players will perform in third person while interacting
  • Updated the hold types for various weapons
  • Players will now remove the magazine from the weapon and drop it on the ground when they reload, if using HQ Weapons
  • Added revive animation for third person players
  • Added additional interact animations for pistol and bullpup stances
  • Pistol reload magazines should be held in the player’s hand when reloading
  • Added sound effects for reloading weapons in third person
  • Added additional idle animations for guards while in stealth
  • Added crouching specific switch weapon animation
  • Added magazine ejection force to pistol reloads
  • Added a button to the profile selection that allows players the uses mouse and keyboard to select a profile without scrolling through the entire list
  • Enemies and Team AI reloading will use magazine reload sounds if HQ weapons is turned on
  • Team AI equipped with shotguns will now show the correct amount of tracers when they fire
  • Team AI equipped with LMGs can now spray fire on full auto instead of only firing in short bursts
  • Team AI equipped with auto-shotguns can now rapidfire the shotguns instead of only firing one shot at a time
  • Fixed the damage being dealt by the R870, Mosconi, and Joceline O/U shotguns when they were equipped by Team AI

    HQ Weapons with updated reload
    • 5/7 AP Pistol
    • AK Rifle
    • AK17 Rifle
    • AK5 Rifle
    • AK.762 Rifle
    • AMCAR Rifle
    • AMR-16 Rifle
    • Arbiter Grenade Launcher
    • Baby Deagle
    • Bernetti 9 Pistol
    • Blaster 9mm SMG
    • Bootleg Rifle
    • CAR-4
    • Cavity 9mm Rifle
    • Chicago Typewriter SMG
    • Chimano 88 Pistol
    • Chimano Compact Pistol
    • Chimano Custom Pistol
    • Clarion Rifle
    • CMP SMG
    • Cobra SMG
    • Commando 553 Rifle
    • Compact-5 SMG
    • Contractor .308 Sniper Rifle
    • Contractor Pistol
    • CR 805B SMG
    • Crosskill Pistol
    • Deagle Pistol
    • Eagle Heavy Rifle
    • Falcon Rifle
    • Gecko 7.62 Rifle
    • Gewehr 3 Rifle
    • Golden AK.762 Rifle
    • Gruber Kurz Pistol
    • Heather SMG
    • IZHMA 12G Shotgun
    • Interceptor 45 Pistol
    • Jackal SMG
    • Jacket’s Piece
    • JP36 Rifle
    • Krinkov SMG
    • Kross Vertex SMG
    • Lebensauger .308 Sniper Rifle
    • LEO Pistol
    • Lions Roar Rifle
    • Little Friend 7.62 Rifle
    • M308 Rifle
    • Mark 10 SMG
    • Micro Uzi SMG
    • Para SMG
    • Queens Wrath Rifle
    • R93 Sniper Rifle
    • Rattlesnake Sniper Rifle
    • Signature .40 Pistol
    • SpecOps SMG
    • Steakout 12G Shotgun
    • STRYK 18c Pistol
    • Tatonka SMG
    • Thanatos .50 cal Sniper Rifle
    • UAR Rifle
    • Uzi SMG
    • Valkyria Rifle
    • White Streak Pistol

Via: Steam Community