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PAYDAY 2: Update 153 is here! New Aldstone Event + RAID: World War II Closed BETA live!

By 2017-08-31PAYDAY 2


Heisters! Update 153 is here!

With update 153 we have a ton of new content for you, as Aldstone finally gets his own room in the Safe House and the Closed BETA for RAID: World War II is launched.

Click one of the images or click the following text to check out the website!


RAID: World War II Closed BETA is LIVE!

The Closed BETA for RAID: World War II is finally live! Make sure you watch our latest announcement where we go through how it works:

Some more trailers to get you in the right mood:

Anyone who owns PAYDAY 2 automatically gets access to the RAID: World War II Closed BETA for free! Just start up PAYDAY 2 and you’ll see a new option available on the top of the Main Menu titled "RAID: World War II BETA". Clicking that menu button takes you to a new menu with a ton of helpful links about RAID: World War II.


Aldstone’s Got a New Safe House Room

Aldstone has finally received his very own space in the Safe House and with it, a few more trophies for you to collect.

  • Friends in Close-Quarters (Unlocked by Side Job: Knife Legislation)
  • A War Well Fought (Unlocked by Side Job: Prepare for War)
  • Speed Talker (Unlocked by Side Job: Rapid Retribution)
  • Hero’s Companion (Unlocked by Side Job: The Control’s hundred Tab)


Enjoy a New World War II Weapon Pack for Free

Celebrating the launch of the RAID: World War II Closed BETA, please enjoy a set of World War II weapons for PAYDAY 2, including:

  • Knuckle Daggers (Unlocked by joining the RAID Steam Community)
  • Push Daggers (free)
  • Parabellum Pistol(Unlocked by Side Job: Knife Legislation)
  • MP40 Submachine Gun (Unlocked by Side Job: Prepare for War)
  • Galant Rifle (Unlocked by Side Job: Rapid Retribution)

Behind the Scenes

We have switched the runtime of the game to LuaJIT which will result in an overall better game performance. Sadly this means that Lua mods using the BLT will not work until they got updated. Besides that we further investigated the patch system and did some adjustments that should reduce the patch time for everyone in addition to using less disk space.

Update 153 Changelog

Update size: 404.9 Mb

  • Fixed so that continental coins does not show up twice after finishing a heist
  • Fixed some issues with death sounds on some special enemies
  • Winters shields are now properly called when marked in the Crime Spree
  • Fixed an issue when scrolling armor skins with a controller
  • Fixed an issue where armor skins could sometimes loose texture or color in the inventory
  • Fixed so that certain sights can mark guards in stealth
  • Background music will be muted when the Steam Overlay is opened so that music doesn’t play over website music
  • Fixed an issue where players could not stealth Election day (warehouse) if they have previously played Hoxton revenge loud
  • Fixed so that the "Bang For The Buck" achievement only triggers on buckshot ammo
  • Fixed an issue with the placement on the Kobus 90 SMG after running
  • Fixed an issue with snapping when charging certain melee weapons (Nova’s Shank, Trench Knife, The Motherforker, Switchblade, Kunai Knife, Diving Knife and The Pen)
  • Fixed so that the laptop in Dallas room now loads in to
  • Fixed an issue with the range of the turret van
  • Fixed so that the turret van will attack a cuffed player
  • Fixed so that enemies don’t get stuck around cuffed players
  • Unseen Strike will now grant the player critical hit chance as it should

See you at the front lines! Let’s do this!

OVERKILL – a Starbreeze Studio.

Via: Steam Community