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PAYDAY 2: Update 156

By 2017-09-17PAYDAY 2
Hello Robber, Heisters and Thugs

We are updating the game with a small patch to remove the Raid Beta menu. You can still visit Aldstone’s fancy new room and unlock the weapons and masks if you haven’t already.

We will see you again on the front-lines and by the thermal drill.
OVERKILL – a Starbreeze Studio.

Update 156 Changelog

Update size: 193,5 Mb


  • Fixed so that Aldstone does not get scared if the player hits him with a melee weapon
  • Fixed an issue where Aldstones voice lines did not trigger properly for drop-in clients
  • Fixed so that the "Become Infamous" button becomes visible directly if you get to level 100 from a Crime Spree reward
  • Fixed so that the World War 2 weapons are at the end of the list when they are locked for the player
  • Fixed so that pressing "default video options" in settings resets everything properly
  • Fixed so that Aldstone will move around the whole Safe House again

Via: Steam Community