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PAYDAY 2: h3h3 Character Pack

By 2017-11-22PAYDAY 2


What’s good Heisters?

From broadcasting for the masses to bank heisting for personal fortune! Ethan and Hila have arrived at the Safe House, and with them, some welcome gifts for the Crew that you might enjoy!

Ethan and Hila are a dream team in front of the camera! When it comes to heisting, they prefer the term “Tag Team” and that is what their perk deck is called. Both playable characters arrive together with their co-op focused perk deck which will only work when you work together with an ally.

Can’t decide if you are more in the mood for a mask or a beanie? Why not both! Ethan’s Character Mask not only comes with a red beanie, but also with his signature double chin! Hila comes with a blue beanie and clearly better make-up! If you don’t like the beanies, you can always create your own piece of art with the begins masks.

The Great Two-Handed Ruler is extremely well balanced and easily wielded by people of larger stature and physical strengths. For everyone who likes it a bit more sneaky we’d like to introduce the semi-automatic Airbow! It may look a bit make-shift but it has some serious power to it.

OVERKILL – a Starbreeze Studio.

Update 166 Changelog

Update size: 323 mb


  • Fixed a crash that occured when you tried to hide ladders in the achievement interface filter
  • Stealing Xmas – Fixed an issue where players would spam "hurry!" if looking at the computer screen in the jewelry store
  • Stealing Xmas – Fixed so that Bain will continue to remind you until all winches are attached to the Christmas tree
  • Transport:Underpass – Fixed an issue where police officers would spawn from the wrong vehicles

Via: Steam Community