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PAYDAY 2: Update 165

By 2017-11-15PAYDAY 2

What’s good Heister?

We revisited some of the newer content, but a lot of the older content as well. Todays Update is all about bug fixes. Diamond Heist, Heat Street, Panic Room, Undercover, you name it! For a full overview, check out the Changelog!

OVERKILL – a Starbreeze Studio.

Update 165 Changelog

Update size: 280.5 mb


  • Fixed so that Risen Dallas is given to new players
  • Fixed so that the Animal masks are being given to new players
  • Fixed so that the Antisphere masks are being given to new players
  • Fixed so that tased cops do not kill civilians
  • Fixed so that the Ghost Rider achievement can be unlocked with the Normal difficulty mask
  • Fixed so that you can only use plain text in the Contract Broker search bar
  • Fixed so that you won’t get Dallas texture after terminating a heist


  • Biker Heist – Fixed an issue on day 2 where enemies could clip through a wall
  • Boiling Point – Fixed so that a Gage pack no longer spawns under the stairs
  • Diamond Heist – Fixed an issue where bags could get stuck on the roof
  • Diamond Heist – Fixed an issue where Bain’s VO would overlap
  • Diamond Heist – Added collision behind the drywall so that bags won’t get stuck
  • Diamond Heist – Fixed so that bags cannot be thrown between the building and the window cleaning platform
  • Goat Simulator – Fixed an issue with Boris VO on day 2
  • Heat Street – Fixed flickering on several walls
  • Heat Street – Fixed floating poster
  • Heat Street – Fixed flying graffiti
  • Heat Street – Fixed so that civilians no longer disappear when being traded from places where no immediate fleepoints could be found
  • Heat Street – Fixed so that you can no longer walk on the bar by the parking lot
  • Heat Street – Fixed so that you can’t get stuck behind the crashed van
  • Heat Street – Moved bricks near the end of the level
  • Panic Room – Enemies should no longer get stuck on the roof in big groups
  • Panic Room – Fixed a combat issue on the roof on One Down
  • Safe House Raid – Fixed so that assault waves ends even if there are many cops taken hostage
  • Shadow Raid – Fixed an issue where one of the guards by the water would not get alerted if he saw a loot bag
  • Slaughterhouse – Fixed a clipping issue between 2 containers
  • Slaughterhouse – Fixed an issue where the players could get up on a catwalk
  • Slaughterhouse – Fixed so that you don’t get stuck behind the door the opens up to the outside of the level
  • Slaughterhouse – Made several fixes to light and shadows inside the slaughterhouse
  • Undercover – Enemies now interrupt the hacking only once per hacking stage to further avoid any other issues
  • Undercover – Fixed a bug where enemies could interrupt the hack after the hacking was completed
  • Undercover – Fixed a minor clipping issue
  • Undercover – Fixed so that 4 interactable planks does not float in the air


  • Added the bullet show functionality on the Speed Pull Magazine on the Kobus 90 SMG
  • Fixed an issue with the The Grom Sniper and the compact laser module
  • Fixed a minor clipping issue with the Combined module gadget on the Akimbo Crosskill Guard
  • Fixed a visual issue with Interceptor 45 pistols and suppressors
  • Fixed an issue with skins on the Modern Barrel when attached to the AK.762 Rifle
  • Fixed an issue with the placement of the Riktpunkt 45 sight on the Gecko 7.62
  • Fixed an issue with the scope mount on the Mark 10 SMG
  • Fixed an issue with the Werbell’s suppressor on the Mark 10 SMG
  • Fixed so that the Kross Vertex SMG mag is connected to the weapon in third person
  • Fixed so that the 45 degree sights now work on AK17, Eagle Heavy, Car44, Commando 553, Queen’s Wrath, Lions Roar, Bootleg, Little Friend
  • "Fixed so that there are no issues if you use the following combination of mods on an AK family Rifle – AK Slavic Dragon Barrel, The Tactical Russian Handguard and The Bigger the Better Suppressor


  • You can now modify skins on the following weapons: Broomstick Pistol, Desertfox Sniper Rifle, Brenner-21 Light Machine Gun, Goliath 12G Shotgun, Jackal Submachine Gun, Heather Submachine Gun, Heather Submachine Gun Akimbo and Bootleg Rifle

Via: Steam Community